Friday, July 26, 2013

Need For Colon Cleansing - The Symptoms of Unhealthy Colon

The first thing that needs to be established is that an unhealthy and malfunctioning colon doesn't only affect one's digestive system; it actually takes its toll on the whole body.

The primary function of the colon is to remove excess wastes from the body. This mainly involves the excretion of feces that needs to be eliminated to ensure that the body is able to function effectively, without any unnecessary hindrances. However, an unhealthy colon means that it is likely that the excretion of the feces is hampered, causing a build up of unwanted toxins in the body. These harmful toxins remain in the body and are circulated in the bloodstream which makes the body react. This is the point where people start getting sick.

Although it may begin with a simple allergic reaction or a series of loose bowels, these toxins continue to accumulate over time. Unless they are removed, they can lead to more severe conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, or Crohn's disease. Even worse, these toxin build ups are also known to have ties with the development of grave illnesses such as colon and bowel cancer.

The Symptoms of Unhealthy Colon

There are a lot of ways to tell if one's colon is unable to get rid of the body's wastes effectively. It is necessary to learn and understand these symptoms in order to realize the need for a colon cleanse as soon as possible. Here are a few tell-tale signs that simply demand a detoxification program.

People that have unhealthy colons usually wake up sluggish and tired despite the fact that they've had more than 7 hours of sleep. The inability to lose weight is also a problem for these individuals even though they stick to healthy, low calorie diets. Skin problems such as pale skin with spots or acne are also common among this type of people. They may also experience irregularity in their bowel movements and have stools that are either liquid or have paste-like consistencies. Unhealthy colons may also cause bad breath and body odor even if best hygienic practices are done.

If two or more of these symptoms are present, then it may be time for a colon cleanse.

The Causes of Unhealthy Colon

Although there are dozens of different reasons why people tend to have unhealthy colons, one of the main reasons is a bad diet. Unhealthy diets are usually constituted by low levels of fiber. The lack of fiber in the system leads to blockages and feces that are moved at an irregularly slow rate. Fiber is needed by the body because it is indigestible and easily goes through the digestive system. It works like a broom that sweeps the bowel and excretes it together with the feces.

Low fiber diets may eventually lead to a build up of internal sludge in the colon. This gluey harmful substance takes up so much space and causes so many blockages that nothing is able to pass through. This then usually results to constipation. A healthy body will have high levels of fiber that act as magnets that take with them any unnecessary wastes out of the entire system.

The question now is how to ensure that the colon is clean. The answer is a combination of a high fiber diet and a simple colon cleanse procedure.

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