Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hemorrhoids Cure: Treatment for Beginners

Hemorrhoids are soft tissues that act as supporting vestments for a stool during defecation. They can get swollen when irritated and cause major discomfort in the anal area. If you've never had Hemorrhoids yet, but think you have it now, here are some things you need to consider before trying to jump into conclusions.

Some people have hemorrhoids on a regular basis, they always suffer the same pain, discomfort, itchiness and bleeding over and over. Hemorrhoids can appear and disappear all by itself, but come think of it, why do hemorrhoids swell at the first place? Researchers around the world found a direct relation between the amount of a person's fiber and fluid intake, exercise, strenuous activities and hemorrhoids; though, the exact pathophysiology for hemorrhoids is still unknown.

If it's your first time to experience hemorrhoids like symptoms, don't fret, do further research about the ailment instead. If you are uncertain of what really is happening to your behind, I would recommend finding a physician's attention. Hemorrhoids is not the worst case scenario of diseases, but if you mistake another ano-rectal disease, like colon cancer or colitis with hemorrhoids, that's a different, more gruesome story.

Fighting hemorrhoids is just as easy as fighting and hopefully defeating common colds; that is, if you know what to do, of course. In this write up, as you can see in the title, I'm going to teach you how to get rid of hemorrhoids for good; especially to those who are new in this kind of game.

Eat Your Way out of it

Hemorrhoids are found at the finish line of your Gastro Intestinal Tract, most likely, something along the way, might have happened, which got worst at the finish line. In a real life race tract, a busted tire or engine trouble; it could also be a sabotage which was planted before the race has started.

I like the sound of "sabotage" better; it's a little more of a Sherlock Holmes case to me. Going back to hemorrhoids, this sabotage could be something with the food you eat; you could be sabotaging yourself in to getting hemorrhoids. If you are one of those who have been having hemorrhoids often, you may want to think now. What do you eat?

Hemorrhoids are caused by many factors; one of those is strenuous defecation. How do we get rid of this? Here are a few doable home remedies for hemorrhoids.

Fiber - Eating at least 20 grams of fibrous diet would help your GI tract digest food a lot better, get rid of toxins and make softer but stable stools. Rich in fiber foods are brown rice, whole wheat (you can also try whole wheat breads and cereals), leafy vegetables and fruits.

Water - proper hydration hastens gastrointestinal activities, the more water your body has, the softer your stool is. Your intestinal walls are also going to get healthier because of they get properly hydrated and moisturized, which means lesser possibilities of frictional damage.

Do the Muscle

Having at least 30 minutes of work out a day keeps your body active and muscular coordination better. There are two types of muscles in the body, the skeletal muscles, which are the usual muscles we see on TV, and the smooth muscles, which are a bit more disgusting than the skeletal muscles and only activate when your body is at rest. Making your skeletal muscle's tone healthy also affects the healthiness of the smooth muscles when you rest.

That was most likely like a "one-two step" treatment to hemorrhoids, it does not take a genius to understand what it means, and all we just need to do is eat, workout and just a few strands of self-discipline. If a beginner can do it, you surely can.

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