Sunday, July 21, 2013

Colitis - Bullet Points

Colitis is just one of numerous digestive diseases out there. The goal of this article is to target the most crucial and most commonly asked questions using easy and uncomplicated terms. What is colitis? It is a chronic digestive disease identified by the inflammation of the colon. The following factors can activate Colitis in those who are at risk:

o Allergies
o Food poisoning
o Medication such as antibiotics for example
o Poor diet
o Smoking
o Genes and heredity
o Stress
o Viral or bacterial infections in the intestines

Watch out for these most frequent early signs & symptoms of colitis:

o Anemia
o Bleeding of the rectum
o Stools surrounded by blood and mucus
o Constipation
o Diarrhea
o Fever
o Excessive farting or flatulence
o Erratic bowel movements
o Irritation of the outer walls of the colon
o Intense pain and sensitivity in the stomach
o Enlargement of the surrounding tissues of the colon
o Slow destruction of the colon by ulcers

The immune system can set off further irritations throughout the entire body as a reaction to any of the causes of the inflammation. The following resulting indicators can also be spotted at the same time with the principal symptoms:

o Eye complications
o Unusual pain in the joints, the lower back or neck
o Liver and kidney disorders
o Skin rashes

The physician is aided by these medical procedures to arrive at a correct diagnosis for Colitis:

  • Patient History

  • Physical Exam

  • Blood tests

  • Blood chemistries

  • Stool samples

  • Imaging such as ultrasound or CT scans

Colitis is treated depending on the cause of the condition. Always and most important, the preliminary treatment no matter what the cause of Colitis must be to:

  • Rehydrate the patient - rehydration consist of replacing the water and electrolytes lost through dehydration either by using oral therapy for mild dehydration or intravenous therapy for more severe or rapid dehydration and if the patient is unable to take in fluids

  • Relieve the pain

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