Monday, July 22, 2013

How Attitude and Thought Can Fight Colitis Symptoms

Your thoughts have a direct influence on your life's outcomes. If you think negatively, think that colitis is in control, think that you will succumb to a relapse, think that it won't be long before another relapse will happen, think that you won't get better any time soon, think that the colitis symptoms will always control your life, then you are right.

And why is that? It is simply because that is what will happen. If your thoughts are negative, you will not help yourself heal. Turn this around and think positively and imagine yourself healthy, visualise yourself healthy, then your subconscious mind will influence the thoughts that are allowed to occupy the conscious mind. You need to alter your thought pattern to achieve this. You need to feel this way. Close your eyes and visualise yourself healthier. Colitis is not in control, you are.

It all comes from the number one lesson for life. Control the thoughts in your mind and you can achieve what you desire. What you think is ultimately what you become. If you think "I probably will never be able to do that" then surprise, surprise, you won't be able to do it. Your mind will be sent negative messages by the subconscious telling it that you can't do it and, of course, you end up failing.

So use the power of your mind to ensure a positive healthy outlook. If you are in a period of relapse, envisage yourself getting better. If you are enjoying good health, reaffirm to yourself that you are healthy and will stay that way.

Colitis can not only be physically challenging but mentally draining also. When during a colitis attack, you are faced with yet another trip to the toilet after already going ten times and it is still only midday. You can sit there and wish it would all go away. You don't want to move as this can not only be painful but will bring on an even more immediate need to get to the toilet. It is all too easy to let the attack consume you. You can submit to it and let it just run its course.

Alternatively, you can start by defending yourself. You can start by changing the way you mentally tackle an attack. By accepting that the attack will do whatever it wants to you, to have the thoughts of "I can't", you will be at the mercy of it. By adopting and maintaining mental strength, this will see you through the attack quicker and give you goals and promises to work to. Yet that is not to say just ignore what is happening to you. It is all about effective colitis management and how it can reduce the impact that a colitis attack has on you not only during a relapse, but also in remission.

By adopting a positive mental outlook and not having colitis dictating that you can't do something just because of "what might happen", you can grab hold of life again. By discovering what other sufferers have achieved by facing up to the disease and living life through a positive attitude you too can attain the desired effect of reducing the impact that colitis symptoms have on your life.

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