Thursday, July 25, 2013

Colitis Symptoms - The Worst and How to Reduce It

The first period of the colitis attack after you have been diagnosed by your doctor will bring more frequent trips to the toilet; that is guaranteed. Now don't get alarmed, but be prepared to have well over a dozen trips to the toilet over a twenty four hour period. It could even be every hour! This will include being woken up during the night with the urge to go. Accept that you will have broken nights sleep for the next few weeks.

As colitis is a debilitating disease, you are going to feel really tired. Therefore, during the day it is essential that you catch up on lost sleep, that being either sleeping in to late in the morning or taking a sleep in the afternoon. Sleep assists the body in fighting disease and aids recuperation and this is going to be a vital component in your fight to become healthy again.

The amount of pain that you will have to bear will unfortunately get worse. This will steadily increase as the inflammation of the bowel becomes more pronounced to the point where the medication that you're prescribed starts to have an effect. One of the most effective ways of reducing the pain is to try and eliminate movement. The effect of movement on the bowel is to antagonise the inflammation which of course means a surge of bloodied stool to be emptied in the toilet. The more movement means more surges which, in turn, means more irritation due to stools passing over the inflamed part of the bowel which creates pain.

Often the most comfortable positions, or least painful, is when lying still in bed or on a sofa. By laying flat on your back, it is the most comfortable position and won't put undue pressure on your inflamed bowel as laying on your side will. This can result in visiting the toilet fewer times from adopting this position.

By trying to eliminate movement, you should forsake venturing outside. Remember, you have to accept that life is put on hold. It won't be you who decides this, it will be the colitis attack making you adhere to this if you wish the speediest possible recovery. You will have plenty of time to join the outside world when you are feeling better. In the meantime, if you are up to it, have the outside world visit you, reminding them that colitis is not infectious in any way.

It is essential to seek out and understand the proven methods of dealing with colitis symptoms in order that the period of a relapse can be endured without unnecessary suffering. The disease can be extremely debilitating and any advice of how to deal with it should be sought and used.

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