Thursday, July 25, 2013

Glyconutrients - Given the Proper Nutrition the Body Can Heal Itself Naturally

We are sharing a "glyconutrient truth" that will allow you to reclaim your health. Most who read this will probably reject, condemn, or scoff at this new reality, but that is o.k.. As a society, we have been programmed to trust the medical community and the drugs they prescribe to heal us. We seek, want, and expect an immediate relief for all of our ills and ailments, and look to doctors to fix and cure us. There is no real medical or miracle cure, except for the understanding that with the proper nutrition our body can heal itself. God designed our body to be able to heal itself. We are his children and as children we can again feel and be invincible, even if sick or hurt, provided we are given the proper diet and nutrition. To obtain the best nutrients and healing ingredients, it seems logical to acquire them directly from nature, and that is the case.

Back in the early 1980s, there was a study involving AIDs patients who responded well to a nonprescriptive natural substance from the plant Aloe Vera. On review, curious chemists studied the plant and extracted an active ingredient from the leaf of the plant Aloe Vera called Mannose, a vital member of a class of necessary sugars or glyconutrients. At the cellular level, this sugar molecule combined with proteins to form glycoproteins. It is known that glycoproteins are critical to defense, repair, healing and balance at the cellular or molecular biochemistry level. Do you remember being told to have an Aloe Vera plant in your house to treat burns? When cooking, one simply had to break off a leaf and apply the sticky gel to the burn area for relief.

Think of all the many patients, friends, or unfortunately family members with advanced AIDs, terminal cancer, refractory ulcerative colitis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and other auto-immune deficiencies who have followed their physicians' orthodox treatment and have ultimately died from the regularly prescribed prescriptive medicines. Medicines or drugs actually mask the problem, suppress symptoms, or actually interfere with biochemistry and physiology. Real healing occurs as the body tries to correct itself at the cellular level through coded instructions located in the genes. On the other hand, many who have sought alternative managed treatment are finding better responses and improved health with the healing power of these glyconutrients. If you are discontent, uncomfortable, miserable, observant and/or are able to think "outside of the box," you will come to know and accept the "truth."

There are actually 200+ simple sugars, but only 8 of the sugars combine with lipids and proteins to allow and enable our cells to communicate to fight disease and to maintain our health. Glyconutrients is a new field and is just beginning to be understood in science, nutrition and medicine. As Allan C. Somersall, ph.D., M.D. in his book, The Healing Power of 8 Sugars, glyconutrients is the wellness solution for the 21st century." In fact, there are over 100 patents and 20,000 research papers being published now in this field of science. Interestingly, many doctors have not been trained or educated in the field of nutrition or glyconutrients. Just talking the other day to a nutritionist in a health food store, he talked about how his brother, an M.D., called him to ask how he should treat his high blood pressure, because the doctor did not want to use any high blood pressure medicine on himself. Does the doctor not want to take the medicine, because he knows all drugs are poisons or have other bad side effects? Some doctors prescribe medicine, because they are supporting the pharmaceutical drug cartel. The pharmaceutical companies is BIG business. The health care system is about one seventh of our economy. Do you think they want some cheap natural "pill" or plant food supplement to disrupt this industry?

Exactly, what are the eight necessary sugars or vital monosaccarides? They are:

  • Glucose

  • Galactose

  • Fucose

  • Mannose

  • Xylose

  • N-acetylglucosamine

  • N-acetylgalactosamine

  • N-acetylneuraminic acid

Now what if there could be an inexpensive nutritional supplement including all the known necessary sugars in a single complex and that was better than any Aloe Vera extract? Drs. McDaniel and McAnalley filed a worldwide "composition of matter" patents to do just that. They know that it is diet and nutrition that will prevent and cure diseases..."food can be your medicine." Ask yourself, why are so many individuals contracting immune system diseases or why are there so many children labelled ADD or ADHD? Perhaps, it is because the commercial foods that we buy today have processed out these glyconutrients and furthermore our commercial farm fields overtime are now lacking in rich nutrients. People are not getting the essential elements and nutrients needed for health and healing. We are nutritionally deficient and overweight Our cells cannot communicate with each other to fight off viruses like the N1H1 virus, bacteria, carcinogens and toxic chemicals, because our immune systems at the cellular level are broken. To strengthen and regulate the immune system, one needs a metabolic therapy using glyconutrients to improve one's diet.

This could be your answer to an affordable healthcare plan, and even better than Obama's Health Care Plan. Americans need to shift their paradigm from treating the "sick" which economically is impossible to do to maintaining a vibrant energetic wellness. It just makes sense.

  1. Improve your health and lifestyle

  2. Improve your immune system

  3. Improve your digestive function

  4. Improve your cognitive skills

  5. Improve your memory

  6. Improve your concentration

  7. Improve your mood

  8. Lose weight

  9. And reduce stress.

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