Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dangers of Colonics

Colon hydrotherapy treatments are often advised to people who are experiencing chronic gastrointestinal discomforts or illnesses. Moreover, colon cleansing is much promoted as a means of enhancing overall sense of wellness and wellbeing. However, before actually having one, it is important that you consult with a healthcare professional. Sound medical advice and diagnosis are very important especially in this kind of treatment.

Although colon hydrotherapy is said to help prevent various diseases, especially ones the ones that are related to the digestive tract, it is always emphasized that such treatment is a preventive measure. Meaning, serious conditions may be avoided by proper administration of the colonics, or any form of cleansing regimen for that matter.

Also, it should not be neglected that colonic irrigation is only advised to be performed in cases that the colon is indeed experiencing blockage due to accumulated waste products. Such treatments are typically advised to be performed by a trained and experienced colon hydrotherpists to avoid unnecessary and undesirable side effects. On top of that, one must always check the sanitation standards of a colonic spa or clinic. Unsanitary administration and unsterilized or non-disposable tools such as the speculum or tubing can lead to disease contamination. Thus, it is important to go to clinics and spas that are known to observe proper sanitation routines.

Most colonic machines and home colonic kits are cleared by the FDA. However, there are some companies that release their products in the market without clearance from the FDA. Thus, people who are advocates of, as well as those who are greatly considering colonic treatments should be wary of such products. Research about the machine or kit must be done before purchasing any. The same goes to the colonic clinics and spas that you are planning to go to for your colonic treatments.

One very tempting benefit of colon hydrotherapy is that it promotes weightloss. However, the procedure must not- should not be treated as a weightloss program. Immediate weightloss can be achieved through colon hydrotherapy when the colon indeed contains several pounds of accumulated toxic wastes. Overuse of colonics can often lead to dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, or overhydration which can lead to cardiac arrest.

Such circumstances are exactly why colonic irrigation is not advisable to be performed on individuals that have heart diseases, and other medical conditions including appendicitis, severe hemorrhoids and anemia, ulcerative colitis, colon cancer, intestinal tumors, and several other diseases.

To sum it all up, colon hydrotherapy treatment is immensely beneficial if only done appropriately. Thus, it is strongly advised that the procedure is administered by trained and experienced therapists. Also, diagnosis and advice from healthcare professionals are essential in this type of treatment.

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