Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why Colitis Symptoms Can Return After a Relapse

Once the sufferer has endured the worst of a colitis relapse, their strength slowly returns and having no doubt been confined to indoors for a period of time, they will be anxious to get out and start living life to the full again. Unfortunately, if key points are not understood and adhered to, the colitis symptoms that were so painful and discomforting to endure, could well make a fast reappearance.

Having been stuck indoors for several weeks, the feeling of freedom can be amazing. Now that you have entered the phase where the discomfort has disappeared, it really can feel wonderful to be outside again and undertake the little things that you would normally take for granted. The sense of being able to undertake usual daily activities again without any discomfort, reintroduce your normal diet, every thing that you normally take for granted when well. But you must be on your guard.

It is essential to be very cautious about what you do and undertake until you know that the relapse had ended completely and that the inflammation of the colon had reduced entirely. It is not the case to assume that once the symptoms such as the passing of frequent diarrhea and blood have stopped that the sufferer can assume that the relapse has passed and life can begin as normal once again. The inflammation of the colon takes many weeks to be eliminated through the use of medication such as steroids and therefore whilst the symptoms may have reduced or disappeared, the safe haven of remission mode has not as yet been reached.

The effective action to take in the short term is the very cautious approach. Reintroduce daily activities back into your life very slowly in a restrained way so as not to put too much mental and physical pressure on your body. Yet some sufferers do not do this and before they have enjoyed the start of remission their health takes a downward turn. Through incorrect advice that they receive, their own actions, their lack of understanding of colitis and lack of appreciation of how strong this disease is in fighting back colitis makes an unwanted return.

The cause can be incorrectly returning to your work far too soon. And whilst the pressure to return to work will most likely exist, the sufferer must consider the impact it will have on their recovery and overall health. Through undertaking both physical and mental tasks far too soon, and it is so easy to do this, there is the increasing chance that the relapse will not be given the full opportunity to pass whereby colitis symptoms could re-emerge. There requires to be more rest taken than usual when in the early days of remission to give the body greater time to recover and ease back into the pattern of everyday life. Ignorance of this can be very costly.

It is imperative to realize that one of the most susceptible times for a colitis sufferer is the period just after a relapse has died down. There may not be the feeling of any discomfort any longer, in fact the sufferer might be feeling really quite well again, but that does not mean they are out of the immediate danger zone. By using the knowledge of other colitis sufferers they can find the answers to avoid unintentionally provoking what were dying colitis symptoms into a second life.

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