Sunday, June 16, 2013

Detox Diet: Ginger's Cleansing And Health Benefits

As mentioned in the previous posts, Ginger is one of the best detoxifying herbs recommended in all cleansing programs including the 3 day detox diets. It's indeed brought about by nature discovered by alternative medicine experts especially in China, India and other countries practicing this way of naturally treating diseases.

According to these alternative medicine practitioners, Ginger has both the light, soothing effects for body cleanse while its nutrients strongly targets detoxification inside the body. Ironic but interesting, Ginger is also considered best detox herb so far which can be added onto different dishes, spices and even drinks nowadays in which the kitchen would never miss it in a basket.

What Are Ginger's Health Benefits?

Having been used for more than 3 centuries now, Ginger has been the favorite medicinal ingredient also considered as culinary herb. Why? Because not only by having its unique taste, unlike most spices the Ginger still retains its medicinal value while it grows under ground. In fact, it's mistaken as the "Ginger root" but it's actually Ginger's rhizome which is more likely a subterranean stem than a root.

Most of the times, people are seen using the dried ginger one but there are also powdered gingers for easy consumption helping fight digestive ailments and breaking down proteins even better. Also it's convenient because you may keep the sliced off rhizome in the refrigerator for long (around 3 weeks max) and use it for future purposes as long as it's not totally peeled.

One of the best 3 day detox benefits ginger has is the gas reduction. Most people complain about having increased gas while they enhance protein intake. But with the help of adding ginger into food, it relieves feeling bloated of gas and in turn eases nausea, motion sickness as well as feeling to vomit every morning.

Can Ginger Help Fight Away Diseases?

Yes it can. Actually it helps reduce inflammation wherein it can be used to treat diseases resulting to inflammation such as ulcerative colitis and arthritis. Additional studies show that ginger boosts anti-inflammatory through inhabitance of herpes simplex virus replication.

While detoxification enhances natural body cleansing and repairing it also allows the body to have better defenses against virus carried diseases such as fever and flu. Also, it helps stimulate blood circulation to prevent clotting which lead to chronic and deadly cases.

Thus, Ginger's healing and detoxifying properties include shogaols, volatile oils and gingerols both responsible for not only its pungent taste but also its healing processes soothing the digestive system. The volatile oils help sustain digestive enzymes which neutralizes acids and supports the whole digestion process. As a result, you can say good bye to stomach discomfort, diarrhea and even constipation.

Quick hint: One good 3 day detox diet tip for you to consider ginger's health benefits is through a ginger tea. Prepare a tea by steeping about 5 slices of ginger in hot water. Otherwise, add ginger into as many dishes as you can and combine it with garlic for best results.

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