Friday, June 21, 2013

Crohn's Disease Diet - Is Meat a Problem When It Comes to Crohn's Disease?

When meat is a part of your Crohn's Disease diet it can be a problem that is making you worse, you may have an allergy to some meats but you would need to be tested to be sure. Eating a lot of meat triggers the inflammatory response in the body and your Crohn's Disease symptoms can get worse. Diet can be quite individual when you have Crohn's Disease, although there are common foods to eliminate as suspects that could be causing or contributing to your symptoms making you unwell.

Meat fits this criteria and needs to be eliminated as a possible cause or contributor to your Crohn's Disease issues. Decreasing meat in your diet or stopping it completely for awhile to see if you have an improvement in your Crohn's Disease symptoms can be helpful. I don't eat meat as it makes my Crohn's worse if I do, so I avoid it. I have no allergies to meat that I know of but my digestion suffers if I eat it so stopped quite some time ago. Not eating meat I feel much better; it was a bit of an adjustment to start with as I didn't know all the things about diet that I know now which would have made it much easier.

One thing I would suggest if you are beginning a new diet eliminating something such as meat is have a resource of recipes that you can look to so you can find your new way of eating much easier. I don't know how many times I forgot to do this and ended up not succeeding on the diet I was trying to follow to because I felt restricted with food. This was not the case but I felt it was, as I was trying a new diet that I knew little about nor did I not have much information to make it easy to follow that diet.

If you do eat a lot of meat you may want to cut back the meat you eat gradually instead of all at once. If you know what meat is the worst for you start by eliminating that; pork was the worst meat for me, one of the worst things I could eat. If you are the same you may want to first eliminate pork from your diet. Red meat could be the next contender, chicken, fish and so on.

While I do believe it is best to not have any meat in your diet, a little meat every now may be ok for you and may not affect you too much. This is not the case for me but it may apply to you. Having a small piece of meat every now and then is better than try to stop meat completely and after a short time pigging out on meat because you miss it. Yoyo dieting all the time between the two is not very healthy than a small amount of meat every so often is the better choice.

If saying goodbye to meat would be very hard for you and you just can't do it, there is a Crohn's Disease diet that could help you while you still eat meat. Watch this video you will see that you can still eat meat and get in to remission when you have Crohn's Disease. It involves avoiding processed foods, grains, dairy products, and instead choosing meat and vegetables. ?

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