Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Have Mucus on My Stool - What is Happening to Me?

Excessive or unusual amount of mucus in our bowel may be a sign of Chron's disease or Ulcerative colitis. Mucus is a jelly like body substance that lies on the intestinal walls. It has a whitish or yellowish color and it is produced by the mucus membrane of the epithelium. Our organs such as lungs and nasal cavity also produced mucus.

In most cases there is equilibrium between the secretions of enzyme and mucus in our body. A slight trouble in this equilibrium will lead to inconsistent behavior of our organs. It is also the same when mucus is present in the stool. There are several reasons interrelated to the abnormal amount of mucus on stool. As I have said earlier it may be a sign of Ulcerative colitis or Chron's disease or it can be a bacterial infection. Mucoid or mucus is very normal to bacterial infection. It can also be an anal fissure. In anal fissure, because of its open skin is prone to infection or it can also be a bowel obstruction. Let's dig further why those diseases accumulate mucus.

First, the Ulcerative Colitis. In UC the mucus membrane of our intestine or the epithelial lining of our intestine become swollen, that eventually leads to ulceration of the epithelial lining of our intestine (large intestine). When this ulcer starts to bleed, production of mucus takes place and pus is developed. This mucus passes on to the rectum through the aid of the bowels.

Second, the Bacterial Infection. It is just natural in our intestine to have bacteria, or let's say good bacteria. This bacterium helps in the digestion process. Bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella and the likes causes fever, diarrhea and abdominal pain. When this happen, an increase in muccocal secretion is manifested and is visible in your bowel.

Third, Bowel Obstruction. You may not believe it but bowel obstruction is common reason for excessive mucoid production, and mucus is more visible to stools. Bowel obstruction is accompanied by abdominal pain, constipation nausea and vomiting. There are various reasons for bowel obstruction. It can be hormonal imbalance, too little water intake and increase in yeast formation. When there is an increase in yeast formation, excessive muccocal infection eventually follows.

Fourth, the Irritable Bowel Movement. In IBS, excessive production of mucus is greatly noted. This is because diarrhea is very is ordinary symptom to patient who suffer IBS.

Fifth, the Chron's disease. Though in CD the production of mucus is too little or barely nothing at all, but because anal fissure is a common symptom of CD, then a mucus in your stool is also visible..

A whitish color mucus indicates inflammation of the intestine. A yellowish color mucus indicates a presence of bacteria. Basically the most common reason for the occurrence of white colored mucus is food allergy and diarrhea. If the production of mucus is due to bacteria overgrowth, the symptom is worsened by the eating sugary foods and lactose. Drinking a lot of water will soothe the epithelial lining of the intestine which can result to speedy recovery. Drinking hot water with a teaspoon of flaxseed oil is also a good relief in this kind of situation.

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