Friday, June 21, 2013

Diverticulitis Diets - Natural Vegetable and Fruit Juices

If you are suffering from diverticulitis symptoms, you certainly don't want to be eating a lot of food and especially not processed foods. You need to check into some diverticulitis diets. Ones with lots of homemade vegetable and fruit juices is a smart choice, or if need be add some juices to the diet, like making your own carrot, papaya, cantaloupe or watermelon juice, which are all well known for there digestive enzymes, or you can even mix and match them.

You can find a diet for diverticulitis which can and will help all digestive problems. My holistic journey started back in the early 1980's with a natural colon cleansing product that I tried for about 6-8 weeks and boy did it work. Next I purchased a juicer called the champion juicer and I have personally known the benefits for many years.

It changed my life in and astounding way. Not to mention weight control, overall feeling more healthy and energetic.

I have been using a juice man junior juicer for quite some time now and you can buy several different juice machines for under a hundred dollars these days. Cutting back on your fiber intake during flare ups will reduce bowel movements, there by reducing inflammation, irritation and possible infection.

As for diverticulitis diets, carrot juice is practically a miracle food in most nutritionists opinions, lettuce, potatoes, beets, celery can all be eaten or juiced for part of a correct diet for diverticulitis. Prunes, prune juice, cabbage and many dried fruits and nuts are some of the foods to avoid during an attack. Lots of healthy fluids are needed including water, and stay away from fruits and vegetables that may be to acidic.

You should begin to slowly add a proper high fiber diet back in as soon as your feeling well and moving away from any previously bad eating habits that contributed to the signs and symptoms. This will also help to prevent any and all future health problems as well. Be sure though to continue any of the new healthy habits you picked up along the way.

There are actually some very good diverticulitis diets and books on digestive problems available online.

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