Monday, June 3, 2013

Treatment For Diverticulitis - Naturally And Effectively

The natural treatment for diverticulitis varies in which discipline of health care you choose. But none are invasive or carry the often serious side effects found with that offered by mainstream medicine.

First let's look at what diverticulitis is. The dictionary explanation of a diverticulum is a blind tube leading from a cavity. In medical terms, this can be translated as the colon or the lower intestine. Diverticulitis is the inflammation of the colon, which causes pain and discomfort.

Whenever you have a disturbance in the digestive tract, the first thing to consider is the diet. The typical western diet is so poor in so many ways, it is one of the leading causes of all digestive disturbances. Your body was simply not designed to digest and utilise the processed foods, the denatured foods, the high animal protein, the preservatives, the colours and flavours, the pesticides. The list is endless.

Sadly, medical doctors are not trained to recognise this simple fact. Instead they are trained to match a drug to every condition. While this can give temporary relief to some, it is not addressing the cause, so the problem, or the health of the sufferer, will inevitably worsen.

Natural therapists, in particular homeopaths, are trained to look at the cause of every problem. However, it would be pointless to treat any condition with a medicine if the cause is in the diet.

Whether or not you are open to the idea of making changes in your diet probably depends on how much you want to rid yourself, permanently, of the pain you may be suffering. There will always be some people who are happy to close their eyes to the reality of what is happening, as long as a pill gives them temporary relief.

But a change in diet to healthy food has the potential to do more than resolve a single health concern. It can also eliminate all your other health issues, boost your energy, de-tox your struggling system and improve your circulation.

There are times where the health of a person is too low to allow them to recover from a health condition, even when the cause is removed, such as a poor diet. There are also people who may have inherited this condition, so a change of diet, although may improve the condition, may not fully cure it.

The treatment for diverticulitis using homeopathy offers help in these situations. Every person will have their own personal experience of the condition. In some the pain may be the biggest symptom. For others, the bloating or the nausea and vomiting may be the main concern. For others, the diarrhoea may be the most pressing concern.

In addition to the varying symptoms someone may have, there will also be variations within each symptom. The character of the pain will vary in each person. One person may have a burning pain, while someone else may have an aching pain.

Personal aggravations and ameliorations of the condition will also vary. For one person, they may get temporary relief from bending double. For someone else the relief may come from applying a heat pack.

Everyone is different. Everyone expresses life stresses differently. Therefore everyone should be treated differently, according to their story. This is exactly what homeopathic treatment does. It treats you, who has a problem, rather than the problem, as if it was separate from you.

You created the problem, albeit unknowingly. Now you have the capacity to fully resolve it. The homeopathic treatment for diverticulitis has the potential to improve more than your digestive problem, as it works at a deep and curative level.

To find out more about homeopathy and a healthy diet, click on the link below.

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