Sunday, June 2, 2013

3 Natural Ways to Stop Bleeding Hemorrhoid

A bleeding hemorrhoid, by medical definition, is a ruptured lump of tissue within the anal canal and the lower rectum. These tissue masses contain blood vessels and supporting muscular fibers, and are most commonly found at the last five centimeters of the alimentary canal leading to the anus.

It is a common misconception that having hemorrhoids are abnormal. In truth, they are present in everyone but only pose a threat when the tissues concerned have become swollen and infected thus, obstructing the path where the stool passes. This creates bleeding hemorrhoid which is uncomfortable, and also dangerous as it increases the risk of necrosis within the anal canal.

If you find yourself having to deal with pathological hemorrhoids that are bleeding profusely, first thing that you must do is go directly to a physician and immediately ask for medical attention. A bleeding hemorrhoid should be stopped immediately as it could lead to further complications.

A bleeding hemorrhoid usually occurs when there is a lot of pressure being applied on the walls of the anal canal during bowel movement. The pressure could cause the hemorrhoids to wear out and become weak, inducing breakage of the tissue and the subsequent bleeding. It will then trigger blood to gush out of the tissues each time the bowels are being moved which can be visible on the feces as bloody residues.

There are two ways hemorrhoids can be treated - treating the wound existing in the anal walls, and stopping the blood from flowing and bleeding by reducing the pressure exerted by bowel movements. Bleeding hemorrhoids can also be treated using natural ways as well as with the help of modern medicine.

One of the recommended natural treatment methods in controlling bleeding hemorrhoid is by increasing fiber as well as fluid intake. Fiber and enough fluid promote good digestion and bowel movement by loosening stool and making it pass more easily through the anal canal. Ease of passage means less pressure on the infected hemorrhoids, thus preventing further bleeding and wound formation.

Apple cider vinegar has also been reported to be a good cure for wounds and infections. For an even faster effect, you can try applying directly to the area concerned.

The purported health benefits of Cayenne pepper also helps in controlling bleeding hemorrhoid and stops further infection from occurring, just by drinking a glass of water with cayenne pepper on a daily basis. How does this happen? It is believed that cayenne pepper is effective in relieving inflamed veins and arteries, and hemorrhoids being such, would respond well to this pepper.

For those suffering from severe constipation, physicians recommend the use of laxatives as it helps ease the pressure that builds up during bowel movements. Fecal matter is then expunged without exerting damaging pressure on the walls of the canal where infected hemorrhoids are present. Taking up laxative supplements and having a diet rich in fiber can alleviate constipated bowel movement altogether, thus significantly stopping a bleeding hemorrhoid.

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  1. Natural treatment methods in controlling bleeding hemorrhoid is by increasing fiber as well as fluid intake.