Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mind Your Own Colitis

Mind your own colitis... because nobody else can do it for you. Notice I said 'nobody' - no-body other than your body. That includes no mind other than your mind. Together your body will be healed by your mind both directly and in-directly.


Directly by NOT doing certain things that you know are harmful to it's general well-being and...

Indirectly by cultivating an attitude of joyful expectancy. Of assumed new reality.

It's easy enough to eat and drink this and that and avoid eating and drinking that and the other, but... thinking in a certain way is one of the great crippling causes of humanities common afflictions. In fact, it is the number one blight on the health, happiness and general well-being of most people in the world.

It is now over 18 months since I began my website, blog, and newsletter and life has taken several unexpected twists for me in this time. Nothing that anyone looking from the outside of me might notice immediately but from the inside where I reside the changes have been quite incredible.

After all these years of study, observation and experimentation I realize that the greatest impediment to any kind of improvement in any field of a person's life is the way that person thinks. Like yourself perhaps, I have long been familiar with phrases like 'you are what you think' but the fact is that words are simply words until they are replaced by the meaning which gave rise to them in the first place.

It's the idea itself that has power not the words. The power is within the natural forces in our lives that create whatever it is that both afflicts and benefits us. This force - energy is a better word - is simply there working in our lives presenting conditions that are representative of our thoughts. I have known this for a long, long time. But I didn't understand it. Because I didn't understand it, I was more a random 'victim' of it rather than an instigator with it.

Er, colitis?

Yes, colitis hasn't been forgotten. In fact I touched upon this aspect of healing in a blog about a year ago, but again, the words have been replaced by an understanding. A year can be a long time in self-revelation. Colitis has taught me one thing solidly: You reap what you sow. But It has also made me aware that many people doing the same thing - or not doing the same thing as the case may be - rarely all get exactly the same results. Why?

That remains an awkward point of contention that has frustrated physicians and fascinated psychologists for a very long time. The answer? Because everyone is different? Partly, not that they look different,but that they think differently. Their attitude to their individual life is different from the next person. That includes their closest family too. To explore our thinking habits - our attitude - is the key to minding any kind of business. In health issues it is imperative. If in doubt ask anyone involved in placebo-effect testing. More beneficially to you, simply take a more positive attitude to ... not health or illness, but to general outlook on life. That really is the fun de 'mental' key. No apologies for the pun. It's that important! That's the way to really mind your 'health.'

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