Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bleeding Hemorrhoids Or Bleeding Colon?

What is the cause of rectal Bleeding? Do you really have Hemorrhoids or a bleeding colon? Do you know for sure what is causing the Blood? Common causes are hemorrhoids, polyps or the colon, Crohn's colitis and other things. Do not assume you know what is causing the bleeding.

A simple visual would be a good place to start. Bright red blood is usually hemorrhoids and dark blood it could be from something internal like the colon. Dark blood can be so dark it is black, so it is not difficult to tell the difference between.

Now that said, if the blood is dark take immediate action. If on the other hand it is bright red, it may likely be hemorrhoids. You can Cure Hemorrhoids, that are not as serious as the other possibilities. To start with if you have been to a physician and determined it is not serious you can do some home remedies for Hemorrhoids.

A diet change is a good place to start. More fiber, fresh fruit, will help your bowel movements to be softer so you will not strain as much. If you do not think you are straining, maybe it is caused by sitting to long and lack of activity. Walking 30 minutes a day, increase your water and fresh fruit should bring quit relief.

Hematochezia, is the word to search. It describes the Bright Red Blood we are talking about. You should know that the bleeding could be coming from the digestive system. Get it checked even if it is Bright Red. However it is usually Hemorrhoids. If you have hemorrhoids you will not be surprise to know that 50% of American's over 50 are affected by hemorrhoids. You are not alone.

Do some research and get healthy. Be sure Hemorrhoids is the real problem, then do your research to find the proper treatment for hemorrhoids.

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