Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why Your Doctor Can't Cure IBS?

Many of my clients ask me the question, "Why can't my doctor cure IBS?" When referring to IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), the client is referring to the other names by which IBS is known, including colitis, UC, leaky gut, Crohn's Disease, Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) and others. In the medical community, there are many questions and much misinformation as to what these conditions are and what causes them. In turn, many patients are getting inaccurate information and are being misled, which causes frustration and fear in these patients. Because of this fear, several individuals seek out alternative medicine to cure IBS.

The inability to understand IBS and its cure are primarily due to the fact that the same "old paradigm" is being used to try and understand it. Older forms of medicine state that most diseases are caused by germs, but IBS is not. Therefore, there exists much misinformation and confusion about the issue, which exacerbates the IBS problem.

The most common method to cure IBS symptoms is to prescribe antibiotics, which is the polar opposite of what should be done, and I believe that this one action is the primary cause of IBS.

Another common treatment includes putting the patient on steroids, which does little but mask the patients' symptoms but doesn't cure any actual problems. Moreover, pumping in steroids can lead to various toxic side effects, which can prove to be fatal in some cases.

A third misdirected choice is to perform surgery to cure IBS. All this accomplishes is simply cutting out the patient's intestines. This treatment stems from a commonly held belief in the traditional medical community of, "if you can't fix the problem, simply cut it out."

Because the actual cause of IBS is the use of antibiotics, it becomes much clearer why your physician (the prescriber of the antibiotics) is unable to explain its cause or to cure it.

The most effective way to treat and cure your IBS is through a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in holistic gastroenterology. The only way to cure IBS is to fix the problem by completely rebuilding the GI tract tissues, and this is done by using organic substances from which the tissues are made, and not drugs or other medications that most traditional doctors use to cure diseases and illnesses.

Since the wrong diagnosis has been made and the wrong medicines have been used to try and cure the illness, your doctor is not going to have the ability to fix your GI problem. Instead, seek out an alternative solution to your problem, like a holistic gastroenterologist, who can outline the steps you need to take to cure IBS.

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