Friday, May 17, 2013

Spontaneous Remission of Cancer - A Personal Story Part One

Spontaneous remission of cancer occurs when a person recovers either temporarily or fully from the disease of cancer (or other condition) in a way that cannot be solely attributed to medical care. The power of belief is so strong, but can it really help to halt the growth of destructive tumours?

Sometimes NLP practitioners and clinical hypnotherapists have the experience of spontaneous remission in their patients. One practitioner's mother was admitted to hospital suffering serious symptoms of cancer. The doctors didn't expect her to live as she was in a coma which would likely result in brain damage. She recalls that it was hard to treat someone so close to her with hypnosis, however, she persisted and kept talking to her using special techniques and telling her that if it was her time to come back, she could do so and recover. If it was her time to leave, then she could pass away comfortably and peacefully as they would always be together.

Knowing the healing value of something for patients to look forward to, she repainted her mother's bathroom and kitchen telling her she could return home to her own house or come and live with her. She had taken some before-and-after photos and noticed an 'after' photo had captured a strange phenomenon on the bathroom mirror. Somehow the Christian symbol of the fish had appeared on the mirror which wasn't there before. How ever it manifested, this provided a source of hope especially because the mirror had belonged to her grandfather who had recovered from his terminal cancer and was kept in the room where he convalesced. It seemed to be a sign that everything would be fine.

Through her mother's coma, she told her about the auspicious symbol on the mirror describing in detail as at this time she couldn't speak,or even see the photos. Sure enough, slowly but surely, her mother recovered, inspired by the appearance of the auspicious symbol and greatly helped by the regular NLP and hypnotherapy treatments from her daughter.

After nine days, she awoke from her coma which had served as a complete rest, giving the body a chance to heal and repair itself. She did suffer from a variety of other illnesses,including diabetes,angina,high blood pressure, ulcerated colitis and crones disease but had survived the cancer and experienced spontaneous remission which her daughter believes was due to her belief, her hope and the NLP and hypnotherapy treatments.

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