Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ulcerative Colitis - A Common American Disease?

Balanced diet with abundant fiber and protein is really helpful in reducing inflammation in the colon caused by ulcerative colitis.

The inflammatory diseases like ulcerative colitis occur in the large intestine lining. Ulcerative colitis can turn out to be a chronic and an acute membrane inflammation. Persons who have been suffering from ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease can suffer from symptoms like diarrhea, stomach pains and several other abdominal disturbances. But to understand irritable bowel syndrome, or colitis one must be aware about what is a colon. The colon is an integral part of the large intestine which spreads from cecum to rectum. The main function of the colon is to maintain water balance in the large intestine. Another important function of the colon is to absorb vitamins like vitamin K. When you have a healthy colon, stools are soft and pass through the intestines' because it has enough liquidity. But on the contrary, when the liquidity level in the stool becomes high there is a high possibility for dehydration to occur. Any injury in the colon or the intestine that necessitates the removal of the colon would imply that stools will be extremely watery or have high liquidity.

Under colonoscopy, if an individual is suffering from ulcerative colitis, the colon will appear swollen or red. There will be stomach pain because of the frequent ejection of stool or diarrhea because colon will fail to absorb water. The malfunctioning of the colon caused by ulcerative colitis will result in damages caused on the large intestine wall or lining. With damages like this, the surface cell of the large intestine discharge mucus and blood along with stools. The white blood cells those are present in the lining of the intestine cause inflammation in the intestine itself. If you examine the stool, you will be able to find out the presence of white blood cells. The presence of white blood cells in the stool is substantial evidence that indicates infection in part of the intestine.

There are various remedies that helps in the reduction of ulcerative colitis inflammation such as colloidal silver, omega 3 fatty acids, etc, that can be found in flaxseed and fish oil and it is available in the form of pills or as enemas.

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