Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Untreated Yeast Infection - Don't Let This Happen to You

Some women search the Internet in the hope that an existing yeast infection will simply go away of it's own accord. This is dangerous thinking. An untreated yeast infection can lead to conditions much worse than the symptoms of a yeast infection. Yeast infections start because the body's immune system has become weakened. So, your natural defenses are no longer capable of keeping Candida yeast in check. The yeast then grow exponentially and basically run roughshod within your body. The only way to get things back in balance is by building back up your immune system with antifungal remedies.

So, what can happen with an untreated yeast infection? The first thing you can expect is that the yeast will continue to mutate and things will get progressively worse. The burning sensations will get worse. It may even get to the point where you will dread the thought of going to the bathroom. The constant itching will be become even more intensified, and you can pretty much forget about sex.

Additionally, the yeast can actually spread into the blood stream. This can lead to a condition known as Sepsis, which is a potentially lethal illness. This illness is characterized by small blood clots than can block blood from flowing to vital organs. If left untreated, this can lead to organ failure.

The Candida yeast can also spread into the intestines. With this, you can expect every symptom of yeast infections to be intensified. On top of that, you can expect to see symptoms like:

o Memory and Learning Problems
o Depression
o Premenstrual Syndromes
o Irritability
o Brain Fog
o Insomnia
o Short Attention Span
o Mood Swings
o Food Allergies
o Constipation
o Malabsorbtion
o Diarrhea
o Irritable Bowl Syndrome
o Bloating
o Colitis
o Gas

All of these symptoms are avoidable. Obviously, the sooner you treat the yeast infection, the sooner you'll arrive at a cure. As miserable as yeast infection symptoms are, it can always get much worse. An untreated yeast infection is something most women wouldn't wish on their worst enemy.

Early diagnosis and natural treatment are your two best friends when dealing with a yeast infection. Also, with proper implementation of natural yeast infection remedies, there's no need for you to ever suffer another yeast infection again. One method has helped thousands of women literally cure their yeast infections within a matter of hours using these methods. In fact, it's the most popular yeast infection treatment on the Internet. It's referenced below.

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