Saturday, May 11, 2013

Colitis is a Condition - Not a Disease

Colitis is conventionally referred to as a disease; but it's really a condition. It's a condition of a damaged colon as a result of a degenerating influence usually over a fairly long time period. This is often as a result of injurious treatment either physical or emotional or both.

It can also arise due to extreme conditions over a shorter period of time such as trauma. A condition as a result of a cause. The symptoms are messages from the interior of the body in an attempt to get some attention and subsequent remedial assistance.

A symptom is a sign that something is fundamentally wrong with the sufferer's whole system. If the symptoms are treated by the conventional method, then a pill is usually prescribed which in effect simply suppresses the symptoms. Good for the day, perhaps. Some relief, maybe. But it's a tiger when it wakes up and the effect has worn off. It's generally agreed that this is not a 'cure'. The condition remains. A cure should be regarded as a process whereby the body is able to heal/rectify/restore itself to its natural state of health.

An understanding of the cause of the condition implies an understanding of a restorative treatment.

Two basic strategies can be implemented as follows:

1. Avoidance Tactics - stop doing what causes the problem

2. Positive Healing Input - Contribute to the healing process, i.e. nutritious food, rest and moderate exercise among other things

The combination of these two strategies is to powerhouse the body back to health.

There is also a third element that is to be considered. It is in many ways the most important element of all: The contribution of the mind of the person suffering the debilitating condition.

The negative mental and emotional effects which usually accompany colitis like low self-esteem, depression. low energy, listlessness and a lack of belief in their ability to heal themselves places them at a low ebb. This is ironic as this is a crucial element in the healing process.

What's required is a plan to gently propel the colitis sufferer to achieve small victories by planning a structured set of habits to be integrated into the daily routine and to their lifestyle. This is admittedly just the beginning, but it is a start which will, if followed through, restore the whole body to a higher level of general health and will in turn heal all the component parts of the body that were previously harmed, including the damaged colon. This has the added bonus of an improved general outlook which results in an increased enjoyment of life. 

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