Thursday, May 9, 2013

JointEase Plus Review - Glucosamine, Devil's Claw and Boswellia - Beating Arthritis Naturally

There are numerous natural products on the market today which claim to relieve the pain of arthritis and joint pain. But what ingredients should these products include?

Devil's Claw is indigenous to the Kalahari Desert in Africa. The herb is now used throughout the world to treat arthritic pain and joint pain due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties. Research has shown that the most effective components of Devil's Claw are monoterpine, harpagoside, glycoside, beta-sitosterol, procumbine and stigmasterol.

Clinical research has shown the effectiveness of Devil's Claw in treating joint conditions like osteoarthritis, fibrositis, rheumatic arthritis and small joint disease (Lecompte & Costa, 1992). Devil's Claw has also been found very effective in the treatment of pain in the lower back (Chrubasik, 1996).

In a 1981 study it was found that Devil's Claw significantly reduced the serum cholesterol and uric acid levels. Research has also shown that Devil's Claw is also effective in stimulating the lymphatic node system to increase the body's resistance against disease and ill-health.

Glucosamine is produced naturally in the body and is found in relatively high concentrations in the joints and connective tissues where its main function is to repair cartilage and maintain joint mobility. It has been shown that between 90 and 98 percent of Glucosamine Sulphate is absorbed into the body.

Glucosamine, because of its healing properties and the fact that there have been few reports of side effects, is now used in many countries throughout the world. Research has shown glucosamine's ability to both decrease pain and reduce inflammation whilst also allowing an increase in the range of motion in the joints, helping to repair aging and damaged joints throughout the body.

Recent studies have indicated that glucosamine may be at least as if not more effective than the non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as aspirin and ibuprofen but without the harmful side-effects connected with these medicines. While NSAIDS provide effective pain relief for arthritis and other joint pain they can also reduce the production of cartilage in the body. In doing so this obviously worsens the condition in the long run and so increases the dependence on the drugs. Not only does glucosamine relieve pain but it also reduces inflammation, repairing the cartilage damage rather than just masking pain.

For thousands of years Boswellia has been used as a natural anti-inflamatory. Extracts of the gum of this tree, which is mainly found in India, have long been used to relieve joint pain and inflammation. Modern scientific research has confirmed that boswellic acids contained within the herb are able to stop the formation of leukotrienes, the immune cells responsible for inflammation. With regular use blood supply to the joints is also maintained allowing for soft tissue to be nourished and viable.

Scientific research has shown that boswellia has the ability to inhibit the inflammatory mediators in the body, reducing pain and inflammation without irritating or ulcerating the lining of the stomach. Boswellia has also seen to be highly effective in the treatment of ulcerative colitis.

To sum up then we can see that nature has given us powerful remedies for joint pain and the pain of arthritis. Glucosamine, Devil's Claw and Boswellia have been shown to be able to reduce pain and inflammation within the body's joints but without the side effects of drugs. There are a number of products, JointEase Plus being one of them, on the market today which contain a combination of all three of these natural ingredients and which have been rigorously tested and has been proven to treat arthritis and joint pain naturally and effectively.

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