Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Is There Really a Colitis Diet Cure?

Whether unintentionally or otherwise, people often can't help themselves in advising you of their own special health cure and even such a condition as colitis is not immune. If you let it be known that you are suffering from colitis symptoms, you will no doubt find someone who will voluntarily impart that they know just the thing for it. In fact, it is important to close your ears to the vast majority that have a colitis cure.

Now all of these may have been helpful in a case that was supposed to be colitis, but you are doing yourself a great injustice if you assume that your case is just like that one and consequently, that the remedy which worked so miraculously in their case will do the same for you. To put a damper on it, colitis is just not like that.

Let me take your diet is not an infrequent request when friends get together and discuss their current health and well being. It is gratifying to know that more and more people are acknowledging the fact that diet is so important in the treatment of their health condition. What they should know, however, in order to be really effective, it must be formulated to meet their particular needs. Otherwise, it is just about the same as asking your friend to loan you their bunch of keys. One of them may fit the lock on your home, but the chances are it will not. It is therefore imperative to establish what kind of a lock you have to open.

Applying this to colitis, can't you see how important it is to know what the objective of your diet should be? The essential element to know is the nature and extent of your colitis. Put simply, the actual diagnosis of colitis requires to be definitely determined. Is the large colon only affected by inflammation towards the end of it, namely proctitis, or is there more extensive evidence of inflammation. Any guess made as to the extent is certainly not a worthwhile guide to use as the basis for treatment. Neither a good guess nor anything short of divine intuition will take the place of a thorough physical examination and a carefully thought out diagnosis by your doctor or hospital consultant.

A diet, to be effective, must be fashioned to your needs, as indicated by a thorough physical examination, including a urine analysis. By this, you doctor can see how your body is handling the various foods that you feed it. For example, if you have sugar in the urine, this indicates that you are not effectively using starch and sugar in your food. The doctor will therefore alter the usual pattern of your diet to meet these needs.

It is therefore not possible to give a general colitis diet which meets the needs of every case. It is for this reason that you should realise that it is not possible to apply to yourself the diet of somebody who you hear was cured for colitis. By all means discover what others are doing in terms of diet and other methods, in fact this should form part of your effective colitis management to reduce its daily impact, but don't assume that what was a cure for colitis for someone will be yours also.

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