Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Can't Find a Doctor Who Will Diagnose You With Candidiasis? - Candida Test and Treatment

Do you get frustrated with your doctor because her/his diagnosis does not reveal candida? This article will help you how to find out candida based on my friend's experience. She was confused, how come she can't find a doctor who will diagnose her with candidiasis? She has been through three years of hellish testing for things like Chron's and colitis, but never once has anyone tested her for excess yeast. She has been diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), but it really doesn't fit her bill, so to speak.

Symptoms are really too many to mention, but mainly are: chronic diarrhea, extreme gassiness and bloating, dizziness, bad breath, acne, weight gain, intolerance to any gluten or wheat products, and the most recent is hair loss.

She is really sick of being poked and prodded by Doctors who should recognize this if it is, indeed, what she has. On the Crooks test (where a score of 180 is a most likely that someone have it), she scored a 340! So she is really confused and need help.

A friend of mine has really good experience that can answer above issue. Here's how she found out about her candida problem (a surprise for her since she does eat rather healthfully - yet this began when she was pregnant!). She got Dr. Michael Murray's book Stomach Ailments and Digestive Disturbances. In it, he mentions the Comprehensive Stool Analysis which is offered by some labs here in the U.S.

She went to a doctor who used natural medicine and asked to have that test done, thinking it would turn something up about the troubles she was having in her colon. Lo and behold, the test revealed candida.

One suggestion she has is to do a colon cleanse. If you go to the internet, you'll find a product called Herbal Fiberblend there which yields excellent results. She (and also I) is convinced that this is the critical step (along with changing diet) to eliminating candida. Also, raw garlic, good yogurt, and iodine (from seaweed- kelp granules are good for this) and flax seeds ground up and taken in water: these are all good, inexpensive remedies.

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