Monday, July 8, 2013

How To Reduce Crohn's Disease Symptoms By Using Holistic Supplements

There are a good many people out there that take the same approach with their bodies as they have with their automobiles. That is, they run them as hard as they can, without taking much, if any responsibility for them, until the body finally breaks down from neglect, at which point, they drive it into the doctor's office, and expect the doctor to get them tuned up again, and back out on the road. Other people take the motto to heart that "if it ain't broke (the body) don't fix it". The problem with this way of thinking is it doesn't work too well in handling Crohn's disease or a host of other similar chronic diseases like IBD, and Colitis. At a certain point, the body becomes too ravaged or run down from the effects of the disease to exist any longer, and it just stops working. By the way, you don't get to trade the old body in for a new one, like the old jalopy in the garage.

Even the predominant advertising media seems to promote the quick fix idea that implies that all you need to do is find the right doctor, who can give you the right prescription drug or surgery procedure to correct the problem and you'll be all fixed up right?...wrong. To begin with, even a M.D. specialist in gastroenterology with several years of experience in their background cannot quickly nor easily diagnose and treat someone who has Crohn's disease. Prescription drugs are really the only viable treatment method for Crohn's in the traditional medical community, because surgery is mostly only considered as a life saving last resort. In holistic medicine there are vastly more weapons to use against Crohn's. While drugs are usually successful in calming most or all of the Crohn's symptoms down, they frequently can cause serious side effects as well. One young lady wrote why she decided to explore the holistic alternatives to her Crohn's problem... "Once the side effects began adding up I considered my life with treatment even worse than my life without it. I began searching for alternatives." Every patient has different stages of the disease, and will respond differently to all the kinds of drug treatment options depending on their own metabolisms. For example, a drug that may work well in curbing most of the symptoms in one person's Crohn's condition, may cause another to experience violent, painful and even life threatening reactions. Another Crohn's sufferer wrote this about their experience with the steroid drug Prednisone..."My symptom is that my knee hurts a whole lot. If I am sitting down for a little while, I will limp for my first couple steps of walking, and try to stretch out my leg, but it hurts too much when it is fully extended. So I feel as though I'm stuck keeping my leg at the middle position with only about 60 - 75% of my normal flexibility. Here's the catch. I'm 22 years old and I don't know if this will continue". Toxic drugs can also cause damage to normally healthy functioning organs as a side effect to treating the general Crohn's symptom. Also, in order to reverse the effect of the inflammation caused by Crohn's, drugs effectively shut down the body's natural immune system. This process in itself can lead to serious complications with infections. In addition to drug allergies, people can experience adverse reactions to hosts of different kinds of foods that may be exacerbating the Crohn's condition. With all the complexities related to Crohn's disease, and how it effects so many people in so many ways, it is nearly impossible for a doctor to single handedly bring a patient back to good health just using prescription drugs and without some cooperation from the patient themselves in lifestyle changes. There is simply no easy quick fix for Crohn's disease period.

Enter the healthier Holistic treatment approach! This alternative treatment of Crohn's is rapidly catching on as a viable treatment approach of choice for many Crohn's suffers in addition to prescription drug therapy. As the name holistic implies, it means using a more encompassing way to fight the disease, with more techniques than were ever available before. Holistic medicine offers a far less invasive, gentler and effective treatment model than the traditional drug based one used to treat Crohn's in the past, yet it does require a more patient work and effort to guarantee its success. But, what is so bad about people taking responsibility for their own improved health anyway? The Holistic approach is based on making targeted sustained lifestyle changes, including a reliance on natural non-toxic supplements like grape seed and pine bark extract, wine extract, aloe juice, papaya, Slippery Elm and many more... all natural antioxidants derived from plants, fruits or vegetables that actually boost the immune system's ability to help the body to heal itself and also give it more strength and energy to perform. Even the skin becomes more smooth, pliable and youthful looking when exposed to the healing properties available from taking natural supplements Many of these supplements are now available in powder form that are, easily and quickly absorbed into the stomach lining in less than five minutes. Upon taking these supplements, many people experience a boost in energy within seconds of taking them. There are not many truly redeeming qualities with prescription drugs other than being convenient to take (usually in pill form) and being relatively fast acting. The only way drugs can stop the autoimmune produced inflammation that accompanies Crohn's is to effectively shut down the body's natural immune system in the process. The downsides effect of this action is that while the immune system is shut down, the body is left defenseless against a host of infections, and infectious diseases like tuberculosis or even cancer. Prescription drugs often only mask the true symptoms of Crohn's disease namely the pain and discomfort, but generally do nothing to help heal it. Since prescription drugs are chemically made (not natural), they can pose a toxic threat to vital organs like the liver, kidneys, bones, joints and even the skin. With the holistic model also comes the responsibility of the Crohn's patient of eating healthier and placing an emphasis on routine exercise along with maintaining healthy sleep patterns to insure control over their Crohn's. The trade off of accepting the increased responsibility over your health, by educating yourself on the holistic way and making the effort to take the necessary steps to do so, instead of choosing the traditional drug treatment model, can lead you to a far more satisfying, active and even youthful lifestyle that can add years to your life. The other choice (the easy route) of staying only with the old traditional drug therapy approach, can give a degree of control over your Crohn's symptoms (the pain) but risking permanent damage to vital internal organs in your body, and pain in other parts of the body. You make the decision.

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