Sunday, July 7, 2013

Colitis Symptoms and the Use of Meditation

Those diagnosed with colitis should be aware of and utilise available methods and practices to reduce the occurrence and strength of colitis symptoms, particularly when it can be identified that stress has been a contributory factor. One stress reducing method that should be considered is meditation as it is easy to implement and has wider health benefits.

The exercise of meditation is in reference to the specific state where both the body and mind are conscious, yet are relaxed and focused. The purpose is to achieve a state of both physical and mental calmness to purposely remove stressful, negative thoughts and influences and calming the state of the mind. In a sense it cleanses the mind and allows the uninterrupted focus on one particular thought. Some people require total silence in order to achieve this mental state where all sounds, however small are required to be blocked out. Often this can be very difficult to achieve yet with practice, the mind can be trained to close out any background noise.

In order to undertake effective meditation, you require adopting a comfortable position though it does not have to be the stereotypical straight backed cross leg pose associated with meditation. As long as you are relaxed and comfortable, the mind will be able to focus more easily. Additionally, there is associated with meditation some ritualistic humming. This is used as a means of concentration, to help the person with the same aim of focusing the mind. Again it is not essential that such an action is adhered to. People have different ways of focusing, just as long as the method adopted achieves an intense state of mind focus.

For sufferers of colitis, the occurrence of stress can often bring on symptoms and techniques to reduce these by creating the aura of both physical and mental calmness should be utilised. The process of meditation creates this very state with the added bonus of the requirement to focus on one object. Consider the large colon to be the centre of this focus. While doing this you should be aware of any tension within the large colon and on your body as a whole. Now mentally visualise the release of this tension. Start to imagine the inflammation reducing as the stress and tension floats away. You should feel the release of this and you should find yourself in a refreshed state when your session has ended.

If this action can be incorporated into a daily routine, this will not only be rejuvenating for your mind and body but may also reduce the likelihood of colitis symptoms appearing due to a build up of stress that has no mechanism of release. This should be used as part of effective management to reduce the impact that colitis has yet it is only one method for the reduction of stress in colitis sufferers.

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