Saturday, July 13, 2013

Blood in Cat Stool - Causes and Treatment

The sight of blood in cat stool can be extremely upsetting, especially if it's your cat. The first thought that comes to mind is what is causing this and is my cat dying. You never saw blood in cat stool before and you want to do something fast. Before you grab your cat to take her to the vet, here are some things you should know.

In addition to the blood, your cat seems to have a hard time defecating. It is almost like she is constipated causing her to strain while trying.

Your cat seems to have an ever-lasting thirst and the water bowl is the most important thing to her. Excess drinking is part of the problem coupled with a loss of appetite for food.

Due to the large amount of water intake, frequent visits to the litter box takes place to urinate and for bowl movements.

You will notice that your cat is not her usual self. She doesn't have any energy to play and acts listless or lethargic. Her lack of appetite causes weight loss. You must pass these other symptoms on to the vet.

What is the cause of blood in cat stool and all the other symptoms that go with it? The first thought comes to mind is that your cat might have fallen from a high place causing an internal injury. Although not likely, this is a possibility.

Your cat's blood may have a slow clotting time disorder. Just a little bump or bruise can cause bleeding seen in her stool.

Your cat might have gotten into the garbage and ate something she is allergic too that irritated her intestines causing inflammation and bleeding. This condition is called colitis.

Your cat might have ingested poison the exterminator put down for mice or rats. Some of these poisons are designed to cause internal bleeding when eaten by mice.

Bleeding or blood in cat stool is definitely caused by hook worms that in-bed themselves in the walls of the intestines or tumors in the colon or rectum. Lastly, a bacteria infection can be the cause.

The best remedies for blood in cat stool are:

Start feeding a high fiber low fat diet with quality protein. Discontinue feeding processed food and canned foods containing chemical preservatives. No table scraps. If her stool test shows worms of any kind especially hook worms, have her wormed.

If infection is found that has caused blood to be present in your cat's stool, the convention way to treat an infection is with a 7 to 10 day course of antibiotic. The problem with treating your cat with antibiotics is that they have side effects and can actually worsen your cat's symptoms and increase your pet's chance of having recurring problems.

It's important to understand that antibiotic suppress the symptoms but do not cure them. This is why pet owners are turning to natural remedies. Natural remedies work at the cellular level to heal blood in cat stool and they are safe and effective without the dangerous side effects that are present with the use of antibiotics plus that, natural remedies can be used for preventative measures all year round.

When choosing natural remedies make certain you get the ones with proven long time history of effective ingredients such as uva ursi, berberis, cantharis and staphysagris.

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