Thursday, July 4, 2013

Colitis Symptoms - Eating Like an Ascetic Monk

Colitis is somewhat of a broad term encompassing a number of digestive ailments and causes. Some of these are more severe and debilitating than others, some can even require surgery. The one thing in common between all of them is that the colon is inflamed and agitated to the point that it sends you into misery.

Mitigation of the problem often involves taking drugs and eating anything that... well, seems bland. You're not eating all that bland food because you're seeking the glory of god, you just want a little peace. You have probably also noticed that the food you are eating doesn't really matter in the scope of reducing your colitis symptoms. It may help a bit, but ultimately the colitis symptoms are still there.

Food Combining - Shelve the Monk Cookbooks

There is a method of food combining that involves having an alkaline balanced body. If you mix foods that require alkaline digestive enzymes and acid digestive enzymes, you will run into problems. Normally this would be fine, but if you have colitis symptoms it is something you want to avoid.

You can break foods down into 3 groups:

  • Type A - which can break down easily in your stomach.

  • Type B - which need alkaline digestive enzymes.

  • Type C - those are the foods that require the big guns in your stomach to it break down, namely hydrochloric acid and pepsin.

Mixing type A and B foods are fine to do, as well as type A and C. If you mix B and C together, you will have problems.

Eating any food you want can be done, you just need to know the method in order to do an end run around your colitis symptoms. In fact doing this can conceivably still your colitis and give you more energy.

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