Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to Avoid Two Dangers of Colitis Symptoms

There are many issues that have to be dealt with when suffering from colitis symptoms and most of these are fairly obvious. Others, though, are less well known yet their effects can certainly add to the overall challenge that is faced by everyone diagnosed with the disease. There are however easy solutions to ensure that they are two fewer problems that have to be dealt with.

Firstly, the sufferer must be aware of the loss of important minerals during a period when colitis symptoms are experienced. When the inevitable diarrhoea starts to flow it shall contain more mineral loss than you are probably aware of, including such as potassium and magnesium. One of the principle medications used to bring inflammation of the large colon under control, namely steroids, can result in calcium deficiency and, if taken for extended periods of time, loss of bone density.

There should also be an awareness of a potential iron deficiency attributable to the blood loss in the diarrhoea and stools. It should not be forgotten that the body's level of salt will require to be replenised therefore additional amounts should be added to food consumed. Don't ignore the importance of discussing these issues with the doctor and decide on a program of vitamin and mineral supplements in order to replace what is being lost.

The other danger that has to be addressed when suffering from colitis symptoms is that of ensuring an adequate intake of fluids. If insufficient fluids are being consumed, there is an increased risk of impaired kidney function, leading to a higher risk of kidney stones forming. As diarrhoea will be one of the main symptoms, it is so important to ensure the fluids that are lost are subsequently replenished. By drinking an adequate amount of fluids on a daily basis will ensure that fluid replacement is being achieved plus also the body toxins are being flushed out appropriately. If fluids are not being consumed in an adequate quantity, the colitis sufferer will risk feeling extra tired and weak, something that they can have some control over.

When the sufferer has to face a period of colitis symptoms, they will have a lot of challenges to face, including trying to get through each day with what can be very uncomfortable abdominal pain, tiredness and lack of energy plus diarrhoea that appears, at times, to be out of control. What is not needed at such a challenging time are additional ailments that can so very easily be avoided by simple actions, as long as the sufferer is aware of them. All the focus requires to be on getting though the period of symptoms by adopting effective colitis management. It requires being aware of such potential problems and how to effectively stop them from happening in order to achieve remission as soon as possible.

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