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Possible Causes for 11 Common Medical Complaints and The Questions You Need to Ask Your Doctor

We may often have symptoms that we don't necessarily want to go to a doctor for. This is a list of some of the most common ailments. Once you identify the possible cause to your ailment, the most important question you need to ask yourself, and perhaps your doctor, who may not readily provide the information, is what caused the ailment, and instead of simply covering the symptom with a drug, get help on how to deal with the actual root cause of the problem. Don't just take a drug for it, as most medical problems can be cured without them, contrary to popular belief.

For example, if you have high blood pressure, please don't just take the medication your doctor prescribes for you, because what he prescribes for you may very well lead to other medical issues. Instead, high blood pressure can be remedied very fast by exercising the right amount, and changing your diet (and I don't only mean eliminating salt).

Abdominal pain and cramping - possible causes:

  • Across the abdomen: bladder or kidney disorder, pelvic inflammatory disease, premenstrual syndrome, uterine prolapse

  • Around the belly button: appendix, gas, constipation

  • Lower left side: colitis, crohn's disease, diarrhoea, diverticulitis, lactose intolerance, ovarian cyst, regional enteritis, uterine fibroids or polyps

  • Lower right side: acute appendicitis, colitis, crohn's disease, uterine fibroids or polyps

  • Upper left side: food allergies, heartburn, hiatal hernia, IBS, peptic ulcer

  • Upper right side of rib cage: liver or gallbladder issues

  • Any location: endometriosis, food poisoning, internal injury, indigestion, miscarriage, stress

Back pain: aortic aneurysm, arthritis, awkward sleeping or sitting position, cancer, disk disease, endometriosis, gallbladder problems, heart attack, incorrectly lifting, injury, kidney disease, lack of exercise, menstrual cramps, muscle spasms, obesity, osteoporosis, paget's disease of bone, pelvic inflammatory disease, peptic ulcer, pneumonia, poor posture, pregnancy, scoliosis, spinal tumour, sprain, strained muscle and/or ligament, urinary tract infection, uterine fibroids

General body aches and pains: arthritis, infection, influenza, lupus, lyme disease, overexertion

Gas and/or frequent burping: allergies, candidiasis, digestive problems, gallbladder disorders, intestinal obstruction, intestinal parasites, IBS, lactose intolerance, stomach acid deficiency, swallowing air

Persistent headaches: allergies, asthma, brain tumour, cluster headaches, drug reaction, eyestrain, glaucoma, high blood pressure, migraine, sinusitis, stress, vitamin deficiency

Irritability, mood swings: alcohol or drug abuse, alzheimer's disease, anxiety, brain tumour, depression, diabetes, drug reactions, excessive sugar intake, food allergies, hormonal imbalance, hyperthyroidism hypoglycaemia, hypothyroidism, menopause, nutritional deficiencies, premenstrual syndrome, schizophrenia, stress, stroke, virtually any chronic or disabling illness

Muscle cramps: arthritis, calcium, magnesium, and/or potassium deficiency, dehydration, diabetes, hypothyroidism, injury, overuse, poor circulation

Frequent urination: alcohol or caffeine consumption, bladder infection, cancer, cushing's syndrome, diabetes, drug reaction, excessive liquid intake, kidney or bladder stones, pregnancy, prostatitis

Weight gain: aging, congestive heart failure, depression, diabetes, drug reaction, edema, hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism, kidney disease, lack of exercise, overeating, poor diet

Weight loss: aging, AIDS, alzheimer's disease, anorexia nervosa, cancer, chronic infection, depression, diabetes, hepatitis, hyperthyroidism, malabsorption syndrome, mononucleosis, parkinson's disease, stress, tuberculosis

Neck pain or stiffness: allergies, awkward sleeping position, disk disease, fibromyalgia, injury, meningitis, strained muscle and/or ligament, stress

In all honesty, if you are looking for root causes for the above, most of them can be traced back to the food we consume. It is not a well-known fact, and I am sure it is not a well-known fact simply because the pharmaceutical companies would start having major drops in their profits - and they can not allow that, can they?

For instance, most of the cancers can be linked back to a consumption of too much meat, and / or dairy. In the most substantial nutritional research ever conducted over a 20 year period (see The China Study), Dr Colin Campbell and his team examined mortality rates, diets, and lifestyles of 6,500 people in 65 rural counties in China, and concluded that people with a high consumption of animal-based foods were more likely to suffer chronic disease, while those who ate a plant-based diet were the least likely.

Further to this, the book - based on the study - provides eight principles of food and health:

  1. Nutrition represents the combined activities of countless food substances.

  2. Vitamin supplements do not guarantee good health.

  3. There are virtually no nutrients in animal-based foods that are not better provided by plants.

  4. Contrary to popular belief, genes do not determine disease on their own. Genes function only by being activated, or expressed, and nutrition plays a critical role in determining which genes, good and bad, are expressed.

  5. Nutrition can substantially control the adverse effects of noxious chemicals.

  6. The same nutrition that prevents disease in its early stages can also halt or reverse it in its later stages (what great news!)

  7. Nutrition that is truly beneficial for one chronic disease will support health for the other bodily functions.

  8. Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence. All parts are interconnected.

Let's stop simply taking the medical drugs our doctors prescribe for us, and take control of our health back in better ways that do not simply favour the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies we are so quick to nurture with our money.

Ask your doctor for natural ways of combatting illness and disease.

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