Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Are Colitis and Arthritis Both Signs That Your Body is on Fire?

Any word ending in 'itis' implies inflammation of a designated part of the physical body. The painful areas manifest certain symptoms which are given a name. All complaints - and it's easy to understand why they are called complaints when you are suffering from them - share a common cause. They are both indicators that the body generally is in a high acid condition. In other words, it is the acidic body (acidosis) that sends the brain signals by the means of symptoms (messages) that there is a problem that REQUIRES ATTENTION.

That problem basically is acidosis but finding yourself in pain you understandably want to be rid of the symptom. This is fine so long as it is understood that alleviation of the symptom is not going the resolve the condition of the body that is producing the signal. Otherwise it is like receiving bad news from a messenger and treating them well and taking no notice of a vital message that effects your future well-being.

This is the great mistake of conventional medicine: placating the symptoms and not addressing the cause which is simply storing up much worse health conditions in the future. All this means is drug dependency whilst lining the pockets of the 'fat-cats' at the expense of society as a whole. In chronic pain it is understandable to alleviate the present suffering but the cause MUST be addressed too. It is my view that this responsibility must be wrenched back from 'the authorities' and placed firmly in the hands of the individual themselves. This means self-education, awareness of their own body and observing the simple practices of living that the body demands in accordance with the basic natural laws of life.

So, is there a connection between colitis and arthritis? Yes, they are both manifestations of the body in a high state of acidosis that has produced two different sets of symptoms. Cure one and you cure both. I personally can testify to this. It actually took longer to clear up the arthritis than it did the colitis. And even now if I lapse even just a little in my own life habits I find that it is the arthritis that comes a knockin' first. Mild but apparent.

What do I do? I cut out everything for several days other than water and vegetables. That makes a difference within a day or two. Also visualising the healing process in my body taking place NOW aids quick recovery. My sensitivity now is that I eat and live according to my awareness not simply by blind habit or routine.

Bottom line: If symptoms are signals for help then listen to them and act accordingly. Better still, rather than reacting, why not be pro- active and simply take your body into a higher level of health and many of these conditions won't arise? Meanwhile, know that you are facing the direction of improving health. You're doing good - after all you're reading this to learn how to put yourself in a better place with regard to your own health. Congratulations; that's taking responsibility!

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