Monday, May 20, 2013

Crohn's Disease Diet - Can Sugar Cause Problems For Crohn's Disease?

Everyone knows that sugar is not really very good for them, but a lot of people still eat it anyway. When you eat a diet that is high in white sugar this can contribute to many issues in the body over the long term. Refined white sugar is put in most pre-packaged foods these days and it has only been widely used for a relatively short period of time, compared to the 100,000 or so years modern humans have been around.

An issue when eating a refined high sugar diet is the foods you are eating are high GI, GI means Glycemic Index. Eating a lot of food that is high GI means food is digested and is released in to your blood stream very quickly causing spikes in your blood sugar. Your body will produce more insulin than usual to bring your blood sugar levels in to balance again, over time this can be a factor in bringing on diabetes. Eating low GI foods such as fruit and vegetables that digest slowly keep your blood sugar levels more even.? ?

Humans are born with a sweet tooth, companies that make pre-packaged food are using it against you. They put sugar in nearly everything to make it take taste better, but your health can be the one to suffer. To see how much sugar that any pre-packaged food at the super market or where you get your food from has, look on the ingredients list and sugar will probably be there. Pre-packaged food often contains sugar, sometimes in large amounts.

At the best of times sugar is not that good for you, having Crohn's Disease it can be especially bad for you if you take steroids. When taking steroids and having a diet high in sugar, this can set you up for other issues such as Candida taking hold. Candida albicans or Candida is yeast in your body that loves to eat sugar, it is their favourite food.

Candida yeast can get out of balance when your intestinal flora is disturbed, when you are taking steroids for example. Steroids lower the populations of good bacteria in your digestive system and the Candida spread quickly when this happens, out of control. Eating a diet high in sugar is giving the yeast perfect conditions for them to reproduce and overwhelm the good bacteria in your system.

Having Candida is not good to have when you have Crohn's Disease as they can make your Crohn's Disease symptoms much worse, which is not a good thing. I had Candida for many years before I knew that steroids can give you an over growth, then I had to get rid of them to feel better but they are quite persistent. With the right tools Candida can dealt with and you give the good bacteria in your system the advantage again. If you have been on steroids in the past for a length of time you may have Candida.

Test this by getting a glass of warm water when you first rise in the morning, before you eat or drink at all and spit in to the glass. If there are white stringy pieces of yeast hanging down from the water in the glass you have a yeast infection. In a couple of minutes there may be yeast settled out on the bottom of the glass.

There are natural alternatives to sugar that do the same job but don't have a nasty effect on your health. Xylitol is one such alternative that you can use like sugar but has no bad affects like sugar.??? ?

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