Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Colon Ulcer - The Colon's Worst Enemy

There are a few conditions and disorders that are quite serious, however people do not panic as they are so commonplace and familiar that the "fear of the unknown" has all but been eradicated and thus reduced the stress that a lack of familiarity can bring.

While people have a certain general familiarity with ulcers, that general familiarity is usually restricted to peptic ulcers and mouth ulcers. In actuality, there are many different types of ulcers that a person could end up suffering from. One of these types of ulcers is the colon ulcer and it is one of the more painful and difficult types of ulcers to contract.

Of all the causes of a colon ulcer, the most common is "ulcerative colitis". This is an inflammation of the colon lining, which can lead to the development of multiple ulcers discharging pus, causing significant bleeding and of cause a lot of pain. Obviously, ulcers in the colon are a serious matter.

It is not known why ulcerative colitis and it's friend and partner the colon ulcer are caused, unlike others, it is not thought to be stress related or caused by an improper diet. The most likely cause would normally be a disorder of the bowel. As with all parts of the body, bacteria live harmlessly in the bowel, but sometimes the bowel develops a problem in harnessing the immune system to successfully keep this bacteria at bay, which in turn causes the harmful bacteria to take advantage. This causes inflammation, which is what we know as the ulcer.

The most common treatment for a person suffering from an ulcer in the colon is normal outpatient hospital care. Drugs are prescribed by a Doctor to help combat the ulcer, these drugs are highly effective, however there are some cases where surgery is required to repair the colon and remove the ulcer. Don't fret though, surgery is normally only required in less than 75% of colon ulcer patients.

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