Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Apples For Gastric Reflux

Has anyone cured acid reflux? To find the answer to this one, I typed in the natural cure for acid reflux, and the answer according to many sources, is most definitely yes. There appear to be many cures for gastric reflux. These include Artemisia Asiatica or Wormwood, garlic, Vitamin U, yoghurt, acidophilus and other probiotics, amino acids and digestive enzymes, to name just a few natural cures for gerd, heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux.

A condition not a Disease

The problem with acid reflux/gerd is that its name suggests that it is a disease, which it is not. It is a condition, a very painful one and if it goes untreated, it can cause damage to the esophagus, but it does not require a cure in the normal sense of the word. Symptoms of this condition can include burping, bloating, regurgitation of food, bloating and heartburn after eating. Once you remove the cause of the symptoms, the condition is not so much of a problem.

What about the Simple Apple?

Did you know that the apple is a symbol of immortality? An apple for gastric reflux can help reduce stomach acid naturally. I usually eat a couple of slices before retiring, as bedtime is the worse time for me. You may also find it useful to raise the bed, by placing wood blocks or books under the legs at the top of the bed. This helps gravity and will keep the stomach acid down. I have also found that many with gerd use apple cider vinegar and just taking a couple of spoonfuls when the symptoms present does the trick by soothing acid reflux pain.

Apple cider vinegar is also an anti spasmodic remedy for the esophagus. It is also astringent, antiseptic, anti fungal and antibacterial.

The Apple Juice Cure

The applejuice cure for acid reflux has considerable backing from research; for example, studies in Japan established that Apple Pectin, which has both insoluble and soluble fibers, helps to sustain the intestinal balance by purging the intestinal tract. It is also advocated in the treatment of ulcerative colitis and one of the natural cures for the side effects of stomach cancer treatment.

If you have gastric reflux, vinegar, cider vinegar, or lemon juice ingested in small quantities with your meals, for example, as a salad dressing, can help stimulate normal production of enzymes and acids.

Lots of Water and Chewing Gum!

One of the most important considerations and cures for gastric reflux is water and it is important to drink at least a large bottle each day. Chewing gum after a meal can also help as it produces saliva. This being alkaline by nature, offsets the over production of stomach acid.

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