Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What is Colitis?

Colitis happens when there is an occurrence of inflammation of the colon of a person. There are several Colitis causes which include poor blood supply, infections and in cases where the body undergoes autoimmunity. What are the colitis symptoms? What is colitis treatment?

The colon is responsible for pushing undigested food to the anus for final elimination in the process of bowel movement. As the undigested food travels in this long muscular tube, it gathers up mucus and bacteria along the way. The bloodstream reabsorbs water permitting the liquid mixture to solidify to form the feces.

Colitis causes mainly include various infections and illnesses. Infections that bring about inflammation of the colon often come from food poisoning. Lack of blood supply in the body can also cause Colitis. There are a number of reasons why the colon can lose blood and in turn can contribute to having diarrhea, anemia, dehydration or shock.

If one is experiencing bloody bowel movements and abdominal pain, this can be because of an inflammatory bowel disease. Before consulting what is colitis treatment for your case, one will first need to study the causes, and with it the careful application of various diets including the ulcerative colitis diet.


The symptoms will depend on the type of colon inflammation that the patient has but the common factor among them is experiencing diarrhea and abdominal pain.

- There may or may not be blood in the feces.

- Patients will experience frequent urges to defecate.

- Abdominal can be great at the beginning and gradually declines; regular pain.

- Chills and fever can be observed with some types of Colitis.

The Diagnosis:

- While many patients may attest diarrhea as the general symptom, some are able to resolve the dilemma in just hours while there are a number of patients who suffer from it for years.

- Dehydration can greatly add to the occurrence of a colon inflammation.

- Colitis is often associated with diarrhea because of its symptom being prominent in every type of colon inflammation.

The Exams and Tests:

- Blood testing is done to discover the patient's stability and observe possible factors that can lead to Colitis.

- A Colonoscopy is performed by a gastroenterologist by inserting a long flexible camera in the anus to permit visibility of the colon walls.

- Computerized tomography is performed to see the image of the colon and the abdomen.

What is Colitis Treatment?

- The inflammatory bowel diseases can be controlled by taking a good combination of medicines.

- Abdominal pain and diarrhea from Colitis can be relieved by a clear liquid diet, rest and an ulcerative colitis diet.

- Infectious Colitis is often countered with antibiotics but there are other viral infections that do not require them instead rest can be enough to eliminate the virus over time.

Even though there are several Colitis symptoms, a prominent one is having a diarrhea whether bloody or not, and frequent abdominal pain. Although there are ways to treat colon inflammation, it is always advisable to rather prevent it by eating healthy and staying away from too much sugar, fat and oily foods which can cause Colitis in the near future.

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