Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Experience Using A Natural Remedy For Crohn's Disease

I have suffered from Crohn's disease since I was eleven years old. At first the doctors did not know what was wrong with me and put my illness down to growing pains. They eventually diagnosed me with crohn's disease when I was fourteen. I had to endure several months of painful examinations and had two years off school as I was so ill. I was put on steroids and had to have operations to remove part of my intestine. I have tried lots of different prescription drugs over the years but they all had horrible side effects and made me feel so ill. It wasn't until I reached the age of 28 that I started to look for alternative medicines. One natural remedy for Crohn's disease is aromatherapy, which some people believe helps rejuvenate the body and promote healing. Many people believe that there is a strong link between the mind and body and that, by repairing the mind, they are able to repair the body as well. Using calming scents, users of aromatherapy soothe away mental and physical stress, allowing the body a chance to recuperate from the daily stresses that weaken the immune system. Maintaining a healthy immune system is a great natural remedy for Crohn's disease.

Controlling crohn's disease the natural way:

Herbalism is used to treat a multitude of problems by using the whole plant, rather than extracting a key ingredient. While modern medicine and herbalism work best together, they are often in opposition because each side believes their way is best. This natural remedy for Crohn's disease claims to treat the cause of the illness, as opposed to eradicating the symptoms. The theory is that all the medicine a person needs can be found already in nature and, that if they are used properly, the body will repair itself. A combination of herbs and other plants are used as a natural remedy for Crohn's disease in a multitude of ways. The herbs soothe the nervous system which, in turn, calms gastrointestinal distress. One of the best herbal remedies I have used is a product called Aloe MP Plus which is the best crohn's disease medication I have tried and is the ultimate crohn's disease natural remedy. I would not be without it. It has changed my life. The other product I use is called Esdifan which controls any diarrhea and allows me to eat foods which I would not normally be allowed to eat. They are both ways in controlling crohn's disease the natural way, with no side effects, which actually work.

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