Friday, June 14, 2013

Candida and Ulcerative Colitis - A True Experience

This article will discuss about Candida and Ulcerative Colitis. I got an email from someone who wanted to share his condition. He said that he's suffered from candida and ulcerative colitis, although he thinks candida may be the cause of his UC. He is 24 years old and from the United Kingdom. He's suffered from UC without remission for 7 years and was considering surgery until he discovered that he had candida. He also discovered that it is the cause of many of his other symptoms including brain fog, sinus problems, indigestion, skin problems, anxiety and fatigue.

He started on an anti-fungal program and was 4 months into the program when his Colitis flared badly, and he had to go back onto steroids. His diet also suffered at that time and things haven't been right ever since. He believes he was doing one thing wrong when he flared; he wasn't colon cleansing so the toxins were building up rapidly especially when he was taking stronger anti-fungals (oreganos and lamisil).

He's having great difficulty coming off steroids. He's started an anti-fungal/diet programme again, but every time he took anti-fungals the yeast stormed back the next day, and he felt very tired during the morning. He thinks it's because his adrenals were having a hard time coping with the die-off. He was wondering if he might need to increase his dose of prednisolone from currently 1 mg to 2.5 mg so that he can get things moving with the anti-fungals and his adrenals could cope with the die-off. And it was the biggest mistake and regret when he went back onto steroids. At that time, he didn't understand what was happening and had no one who knew about his condition.

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