Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's Amazing - Natural Remedies Cure Cancer

Natural herbs do have magical curing ability. Do you know that even fatal diseases like cancer can be cured by natural herbs? Yes, Lapacho is the herb. This wonder herb stands as a proof to the fact that natural remedies cure cancer.

Cancer is a deadly disease. No successful curing methods or medicines exist in allopathy for that. Lapacho, a natural herb found in abundance in South America has a miraculous curing effect on cancer. In this herb, the inner bark is used to make herbal medicines that cure cancer.

Existing allopathic cancer treatment methods have a list of not so likable side effects. The radiation kinds of treatments are very stressful for the patients experiencing cancer. But, the great news is that no adverse side effects are affected when natural remedies cure cancer.

There are two wonderful herb varieties. Tabebuia, Altissima and Tabebuia Avellaneda. When these two are mixed in proper proportions, they, both together present us miraculous cancer curing effects. Studies by South American medical practitioners reveal that, within one month, these herbs produce strong cancer curing effect and reduce the pain of cancer patients considerably.

Herbal tea made from Lapacho has excellent cancer curing effect. One cup of such tea is made from one heaping teaspoonful of Lapacho bark. If taken three times a day, this Lapacho tea offers cancer curing effect to the affected patients. Herbal extract from Lapacho produces even better possible effects.

Worldwide scientists have frankly agreed on the chemistry of Lapacho. In 1930's, in Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Frederick Koch, M.D., used the ingredients from Lapacho tree bark, that are called Quinone. He produced, from that, astonishing cancer curing ability that was welcome news for the ailing cancer patients and whole of the medical world. He administered the medicines he produced even on advanced cancer patients and proved the herbs cancer curing effect beyond dispute.

Dr. Frederick used only a single Quinone from herb Lapacho. He revealed that this single specific Quinone of herb Lapacho is oxidizing(burning up) the encapsulated pockets of stagnant cancer-causing spots in the ailing cancer patients. His reports clearly showed the herb's ability to provide a breath of oxygen to the cancer patients.

In total the herb Lapacho has about 16 quinones in it. It is to be noted that jungle Lapacho is totally immune to any sort of fungus infections. The curing ability of this wonder herb Lapacho is not limited only to cancer. It has a magical curing effect on other related diseases like Leukemia, Anaemia, Lupus, colitis, inflammation of the reproductive organs, Parkinson's disease, Hodgkins disease, and all types of cancers. It is also found to be curing some other diseases including but not limited to Cystitis, Arteriosclerosis, Leukorrhea, haemorrhages, polyps, prostate inflammation and eczema.

Lapacho even cures gastric problems and psoriasis.

Lapacho daily dosage: Medicinal extract of this herb, mixed with a cup of water, can be taken from 40 to 80 drops and from three to four times a day for best possible curing effects. Up to 20 drops per day can be taken in confidence as preventative measure.

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