Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Crohn's Disease Support Groups

Man is a social animal and does not live in isolation. Hence, it is vital for patients to adjust to the society and their living conditions despite any diseases they may have. This is where the role of health support groups is critical. Support groups, as the name suggests, support an individual and his or her family. They help adjust to the changed social scenario brought about by a debilitating disease.

Crohn?s disease is a chronic illness which generally onsets between the ages of 15 and 30. There is currently no cure for the disease and treatment is mainly jus to ease symptoms. Some patients have reported that consumption of foods high in fiber and dairy foods make their symptoms worse. Therapies include treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs that act in the intestines and steroids. In advanced cases, a bowel resection may be required.

A patient Crohn?s disease has gas and abdominal pain in case of mild ailment, whereas severe cases have uncontrollable bowel movements. This makes it difficult for the patient to move freely in public. This could lead to isolation, embarrassment and anxiety, which can severely alter the patient?s life and may also lead to depression.

Support groups provide support in terms of information needed about the disease. Medications, surgical options and symptoms are some of the areas that patients need information on. Some members of support groups belong to the medical profession and offer advice to other members. It is also helpful to talk to people who suffer from the same condition.

It is very easy to become a member of a support group. One can join a local support group or the various support groups globally, through the Internet.

Although support groups aren't for everyone, they can provide valuable information about ones condition as well as emotional support. Members of support groups learn about the latest medical treatments or integrative therapies. Patient's also finds it reassuring to be among people who understand what they are going through. Crohn?s disease support groups also help patients keep abreast of the latest findings in the treatment of the disease.

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