Monday, August 5, 2013

Candida Overgrowth Is Caused From an Unknown Sugar Addiction

Candida yeast is a natural part of your colon's bacteria population. In a healthy body, it makes up about 15% of your gut bacteria. When this healthy balance is compromised -- because of excessive sugar consumption -- the body will develop a host of unpleasant symptoms, such as vaginitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), colitis, systemic candida, food allergies, white tongue (oral thrush), psoriasis, migraines, asthma, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, acid reflux, and other digestive disorders.

I suffered from systemic candida for over twenty years, and I tried every "remedy" and "treatment" out there. But no matter how many products or promised cures I tried, how many how many fasts I endured, how many anti-fungal herbs I took, how many colonics I was given, or how many probiotics I ingested, the candida fungi kept coming back. Eventually, I began to realize that the candida were being produced by my Intelligent Body to counterbalance a more significant underlying problem: an inability to properly digest foods and absorb nutrients.

You see, candida is not something you "catch". And it's not something you need to "get rid of" or "eliminate" or "cure", because it's created naturally by the body for good reason. It's not a an accident that you have it, because just as when the body creates a fever to kill off a lethal virus or causes vomiting or diarrhea to expel toxins, its divine intelligence is doing its job to protect itself from a much more life-threatening danger. The Intelligent Body is all about life-preservation. In my case of systemic candida, my body was constantly having to defend itself against the barrage of sugar that I was unknowingly ingesting on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. And candida fungi feast on sugar.

A major epiphany hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized that the massive amounts of sugar I was ingesting was coming from honey, fruit, fruit juice, maple syrup, bread, potatoes, pasta, and cereal. Even though none of these foods and drinks contain "added sugar", all of them get converted into glucose in the body and this is why my body was manufacturing the candida; to dispose of all this toxic sugar.

To complicate matters further, I was not eating sufficient protein and healthy fats. Raised as a vegetarian from birth, I relied mainly on soy products for protein. But the body cannot digest soy at all -- unless it is fermented. And so, what did my body do to compensate for this constant barrage of foods that it can't digest and sugars that it can't assimilate? Well, it protects itself by manufacturing a fungus to devour the sugar. And this is what causes candida overgrowth -- it all boils down to an unknown addiction to sugar.

Antibitoics can lead to candida overgrowth -- this is true, however, it is not the primary cause of it as many nutritionists advocate. As a population, we simply don't take nearly enough antibiotics to be causing such as "yeast syndrome". However, we do consume more than enough sugar! And contrary to another popular myth in the wellness industry, the Intelligent Body is perfectly capable of manufacturing the appropriate probiotics on its own (there are over 500 varieties) if it is supplied with the proper nutrients, minerals, and foods that it can digest. If, however, you're continuously drowning out vital magnesium, calcium, selenium, and trace minerals with diuretics such as caffeinated beverages every day, the body simply cannot do its job.

The U.S. Congress just passed a law that the tomato sauce on pizza will be considered as a vegetable for school lunches. Not only is the pizza devoid of all nutrition and has a glycemic index above 70, when combined with the high-starch, sugary, acidic tomato sauce, it will be instantly converted to glucose in the bloodstream, contributing to the rapidly rising childhood diseases of hypoglycemia, type 2 diabetes, ADHD, and obesity.

I believe that poor nutrition is the major cause of cancer, candida, digestive disorders, and nearly every other chronic disease out there because it weakens every cell in the body. The modern human diet is completely devoid of the vital nutrients and minerals that the body needs to repair the constant bombardment of sugar, GMO's, undigestable oils (such as margarine, trans fats, Canola oil, and soybean oil), heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, vaccines, prescription drugs, caffeine, and other carcinogens and toxins that we are bombarding it with on a daily basis.

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