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Do You Experience Explosive Diarrhea After Eating?

Explosive diarrhea after eating is not pleasant: you go out to a restaurant, and enjoy a beautiful meal but within a half hour you start to feel stomach cramps, and that horrible feeling in your bowels that something is about to happen!

I am sure you know the feeling - we all get it now and again, but some of us a lot more than others. The cramps get worse, and you have to rush to the rest room where you have explosive diarrhea. The problem is that you never know when you are finished, and it can be extremely embarrassing. Wouldn't you just love to have that cured?

Of course you would, and there are a few possible reasons for diarrhea after eating, such as allergy to the gluten in many foods, although the most common is IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome to give it its Sunday name. This is a condition that affects up to 20% of all Americans.

The root cause of IBS usually is not a single trigger but a complex set of triggers, with explosive diarrhea after eating as one of the main symptoms. IBS can be tied with celiac disease, which is an intolerance to the gluten protein in some grains such as wheat. It is difficult to know where the beginning starts with these types of digestive issues, thus it is a condition that has to be targeted from several directions.

Main stream medicine has trouble diagnosing IBS, because it has such similar symptoms as several other digestive disorders. In fact IBS not only causes diarrhea, but can also cause the exact opposite: severe constipation. The way that IBS is generally diagnosed is to test with very invasive procedures for all other known causes of the symptoms, and once none are left it must be IBS. How unscientific! No wonder that the best remedies for you are natural ones. Let's discuss a few alternative diarrhea cures that you can try.

1. Your diet. It is probably worth while trying a gluten free diet just to make sure that is not the cause. Lactose can also cause similar symptoms, so if you keep free of these for a week or so and the symptoms disappear, then you could have found your cure. However, celiac disease occurs in only 1 in each 133 of the population: a long way away from 20%!

2. Eating a lot of fruit and vegetables can help some people. You might feel tempted to increase your fiber intake, but that can often cause symptoms of bloating and gas. Many find that bananas can help both the diarrhea and constipation symptoms of IBS. Many people swear by them, and so are worth a try. The high potassium content of bananas helps replace potassium that is lost through diarrhea, and also helps in the proper formation of stools. Juiced greens also seem to be an effective treatment for some.

3. Activated charcoal absorbs gas and toxins, and helps your stool to form properly.

4. Garlic is useful in that it helps to remove parasites and mucus from your colon, and fights infections in the gut. It also expels gas, and a combination of all of these effects can help relieve some of the symptoms of your condition. A side-benefit of garlic is that it is also good for your heart!

5. Slippery elm taken with a lot of water can coat the colon, and treat chronic diarrhea and ulcerative colitis. It appears to soothe and heal your whole gastro-intestinal tract and help you to form normal stools.

6. Where children are involved, agrimony and meadowsweet are very useful because they are mild but effective herbal remedies for explosive diarrhea after eating, and meadowsweet is both astringent and nutritious for children.

Diarrhea after eating can also be caused by drinking too much alcohol, infections from contaminated food or water, parasites and also emotional stress and other similar conditions. An example of one of the minor causes is withdrawal from some forms of prescription painkillers.

However, most of these cause only temporary diarrhea which goes when the condition is cured. Nevertheless some other natural remedies reflect one or two of these other causes. So, to continue:

7. Stress relieving herbs such as catnip and chamomile are particularly effective in treating IBS and other conditions of the bowel, and far more effective that St. John's Wort for this condition. Kava kava and valerian are useful in dealing with general stress: in fact kava kava is increasing in popularity, and can relax you without affecting your mental alertness. Hops also help to reduce stress, but not in the form of beer!

8. Finally, probiotic drinks and supplements can increase the volume of friendly bacteria in your gut, and improve your digestion in general as well as regulating the function of your bowel.

All of these remedies are a good place to start for overcoming explosive diarrhea after eating. They are easy to try, and actually aid your body in healing, unlike many of the manufactured chemical drugs that can have severe side effects, only address the symptoms and not the root causes, and can even make your condition worse.

While main stream medicine still does not recognize the causes of IBS and struggles to give definitive diagnoses, if you are struggling with diarrhea after eating or other digestive disturbances, you can try these natural remedies since they are easy to take and give good results. They have been recommended after countless years of successful use by untold numbers of people that have gone before us.

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