Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ulcerative Colitis Info

The best place to get ulcerative colitis info is from your doctor, but knowing that friends and family members as well as patients sometimes do not get as much information as they need, this article attempts to answer questions such as "what is ulcerative colitis", as well as provide some information about ulcerative colitis nutrition recommendations. None of this is meant to take the place of your doctor's advice, but merely supplement the information that you already have.

What is ulcerative colitis? It is an inflammatory bowel disease. All or part of the colon may become inflamed. Sores may form on the inner walls of the colon. Depending on how much of the colon that is affected, symptoms may be mild, moderate or severe and typically include diarrhea with mucus and/or blood present.

What is ulcerative colitis caused by? According to the latest ulcerative colitis info, no one knows exactly why the colon, which includes the large intestine and the rectum, becomes inflamed. It has been noted that patients tend to have immune system problems, but it is unclear whether the ulcerative colitis causes the problems with the immune system or if an overactive immune system causes the ulcerative colitis. Nutrition is particularly important, because diarrhea, a major symptom, may prevent the body from absorbing adequate nutrients from food.

What is ulcerative colitis cured by? According to the latest ulcerative colitis info, surgery that removes the affected portion of the colon is the only "cure". But, it is possible to live with and control the disease, particularly when symptoms are mild to moderate. Ulcerative colitis nutrition recommendations, medications, herbal remedies and other treatment programs are designed to relieve symptoms and prevent the necessity for surgery. It is a chronic disease, which means that it has a tendency to flare up again and again over time. It is helpful for patients to keep a food and symptoms diary, in some cases they are able to determine what foods cause flare ups and avoid those foods.

What are ulcerative colitis nutrition recommendations? Most doctors advise a multi-vitamin, but particularly supplementation of Vitamins D and B12. Vitamin D deficiencies can cause diarrhea. B12 is needed for energy and to help the body properly absorb other nutrient. Supplements containing the botanical aloe have been recommended by doctors and naturalists alike, because of its ability to heal wounds and reduce inflammation. In 2005, ulcerative colitis info concerning the results of a research program using omega-3 from fish oil was released. The results were promising, but there is no plan to market the formula that was used.

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