Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dog Diarrhea Every Hour - Chronic Colitis and Its 7 Causes

Diarrhea is common to dogs as they are prone to putting almost anything into their mouths. However, there are instances that your dog will contract a type of diarrhea where it has to defecate every hour. Dog diarrhea every hour is quite serious since this is a very severe form of diarrhea.

Chronic Colitis

Severe diarrhea can be cause by an inflammation of the large intestine. This is the condition known as Colitis. Acute Colitis will cause diarrhea but not as severe as the Chronic Colitis. With the chronic type your dog could end up with dog diarrhea every hour causing massive loss of fluids. To help you prevent Colitis in your dog you must know its causes:

1. Infection

This could be from bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli or from viruses like the Coronavirus and Parvovirus. Parasitic organisms like protozoa and worms could also cause Colitis. Most common protozoa are the Amoeba and Giardia while for worms the common causes are the whipworm and tapeworm. Severe infection will lead to dog diarrhea every hour.

2. Severe Allergic Reaction
This can vary from food to medications. Carefully check if you made some changes in your dog's diet prior to the onset of diarrhea. Also remember if your dog is also taking medications for another sickness while you gave it another for diarrhea.

3. Internal Injuries

This is normally from swallowing objects made of plastic, wood and metal. Have your dog X-Rayed if you suspect that there is a foreign object. Do this immediately to prevent further damage like tearing of intestinal tissues which could lead to sepsis.

4. Poisoning

Severe diarrhea could mean that your dog swallowed something poisonous or toxic. Immediately rush your dog to a hospital as the amount of poison ingested could be lethal to your dog.

5. Colon Cancer

If your dog is also vomiting and is losing weight fast then it could be suffering from colon cancer. You will need a veterinary oncologist to know what treatments are available for your dog.

6. Pancreatitis

If your dog has pancreatitis it means it is suffering from several other diseases. The treatment for this condition is not a direct one but a way to aid your dog in healing itself naturally.

7. Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis

You will easily notice this condition from your dog's stool. If your dog is defecating raspberry-like stools then it could be suffering from HGE. Have this condition treated by a veterinarian immediately as this could be lethal if left unattended. Dog diarrhea every hour with this condition could lead to massive blood loss resulting to anemia and death.

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