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Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment - Plain And Simple

Hemorrhoids is not an easily defined condition through the observation of symptoms alone. Two people with hemorrhoids can seem to be suffering with entirely different conditions.

It's important to know that even minor symptoms, such as a little soreness, should be followed up instantly because of the potential to escalate from minor discomfort to severe pain. For instance, bleeding can occur suddenly and without warning.

The problem is, many sufferers will wait until they are displaying serious symptoms such as blood loss until they take action.

This piece will explore the symptom that is 'bleeding hemorrhoids'.

"It doesn't matter what the scenario, blood loss is a serious event. Piles is undoubtedly no different."

Bleeding can be started by both internal and external piles so what is the root of this, needless to say awkward, symptom?

Underneath here I have made a list of each area of hemorrhoids leading up to to blood loss:

1. Hemorrhoids propagate to life generally as a result of your lifestyle - your food choices, your daily activities and your general health. All of these factors culminate in the strain that is placed on your varicose veins - examples could be recently giving birth, your diet, your weight and whether you suffer from bowel problems (constipation, IBS).

2. All of these aspects create the stress required for your varicose veins to swell up enough, and transition into hemorrhoids -- at this time you may have either internal or external hemorrhoids.

3. With unrelenting pressure the vein expands so much that after forming into a hemorrhoid it can't do anything but effectively 'explode,' thereby starting to bleed and become sore.

Blood loss represents a later stage of hemorrhoids, and usually there are a host of other symptoms before that point such as itching and soreness. But what if you are someone who found you had piles AFTER bleeding had started?

If this closely resembles your experience, relax, it's quite common. Early development of hemorrhoids can be misidentified as other less important irritations. Most people wouldn't think it necessary to 'waste' their physician's time with an itchy bottom. 9 times out of 10, you'll find that hemorrhoids 'lurk in the background' before letting you know they are there - more often than not with a jolt of pain.

Moreover, perhaps you was aware you had a growing crisis but just pushed the thoughts aside. Trust me, more of us procrastinate than take action immediately, you're going to be fine.

100% Natural Remedies For Piles That Are Continuing to bleed

Comfrey - This well-received plant has organic healing properties and builds new cells fast.

Mango Seed (Dehydrated) - Not only is this great for you but it tastes delicious with honey. 1/2 gram is the ideal amount to have at once.

Apple Cider Vinegar - This is a simple but great little add-on to the food you eat throughout your day.

Padding A Vinegar Dipped Cotton Ball - By applying vinegar to the soreness, you help to lessen then discomfort.

Aloe Vera - I've been using this for years, it's great for inflamed areas.

Witch Hazel - This is another anti-inflammatory that assists to relieve irritation and pressure.

Dry Figs - Soaking dry figs in water over night and eaten on an empty stomach in the morning is a good home remedy.

Sitz Baths (Herbal) - Sitz baths are probably the most popular home remedy for hemorrhoids. Why? Because that what doctors recommend you do! Not only are they good for hemorrhoids, but they are great for handling the pain.

Kegel Exercises - Throughout life, muscles around your pelvis becomes tired and less adept at bodily functions. Kegel exercises are encouraged among older women as they aid continence. These exercises, however, are great for both women and men when it comes to strengthening the body against hemorrhoids.

Last little suggestion here; are you sure there is enough fiber in your diet right now? If you're not sure, eat 5 pieces of fruit a day - pears, apples, bananas and dried fruit are good for fiber.

Other Approaches

Surgical Treatment -

As with any bodily problems, surgery should only be an option if all other options have been explored. Surgery is a broad topic, and thus, beyond the reach of this piece.

Creams/Ointments -

Creams and ointments are a very popular choice for people suffering with bleeding piles. I won't detail this subject either because it is so huge. It's best if I encourage you to find an article specifically about creams and ointments - Google's the best place to start.

Bleeding Detailed...

Chronic Constipation -

Constipation is a large reason for people coming down with hemorrhoids. Over time the results can be compared with pregnancy, which I outline in just a moment. It basically means you have been straining too much.

Giving Birth -

So like I shared with you, strain is the culprit of hemorrhoids. Pregnancy is a prime example of when we are put under a natural examination of our true stamina. Often times, we simply don't have the strength to stay in control.

Exercise (Lack There of) -

I would hazard a guess that this is the main reason why people suffer with hemorrhoids - A lack of exercise leads on to so many issues health related. Just so you know, this isn't related to that day you boycotted the 10 mile jog you promised to do with your best friend... I would argue that unless you make daily exercise a part of your daily routine, it's benefits will be wasted on you. Enjoy it! Some people find that they get plenty of exercise within the work they do, and others have to find hobbies and a gym membership. No mattter what you opt for, just make sure it's good for both your mind AND your body - enjoy running to the gym, don't haul yourself to the gym in the car!

Poor Circulation -

This is absolutely an issue you want to resolve, both because there are medicines that can resolve it quite easily, and there are many negatives to poor circulation. Your reactions to stimuli slow down, you suffer with pains in the extremities of your body, and gradually your muscles waste away - not good.

Needless to say, poor circulation can also lead to piles. Arrange a consultation with your doctor and he/she will give you the appropriate medicine.

Further Actions:

* Water is truly the elixir of life - drink it, then drink it some more

* Wear Loose clothes

* Ensure you are up and walking at least once an hour; certainly when you are using the toilet. Rectal veins have to work over-time when you are seated on the toilet. 'Working overtime' means higher potential of hemorrhoids.

Scenarios That Attract Rectal Bleeding:

Problems/ Explanation

Varicose veins - Swollen varicose veins become piles for the reasons already outlined in this article.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease -

-- Diverticulitis, this is when pockets are formed in the intestines.

-- Colitis, pain and bleeding result from ulcers formed due to the wearing away of the rectal/colon wall.

Celiac Disease -

Celiac/ coeliac disease finds the small intestines incapacitated and unable to extract nutrients from food.

Fistulas -

A fistula is an uncommon relationship between two cell-walled vessels or organs that don't normally connect. The best solution to these is to change your diet but see your physician first is there are any problems.

Fissures -

These are deep furrows within the mucous membrane of the innermost intestinal wall.

Polyps -

These are potentially cancerous growths within the body.

Prolapses -

In common language they are known as external hemorrhoids. The varicose vein becomes placed under so much pressure it's retraction is lost and it dips to a point where you can physically see it in the flesh.

Going into detail about these topics is out of this articles purpose but it's definitely advisable to do some further research into these.

If you are on concerned with piles, however, focus your energies on varicose veins and prolapses alone.

I will finish this article with the most important point. Get your doctors advice before trying anything - find out what the TRUE problem is first.

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