Saturday, July 20, 2013

Natural Cure - Leaky Gut Syndrome

In this series of articles on Leaky Gut Syndrome, we have discussed what Leaky Gut Syndrome is, its causes and symptoms. In addition, we have discussed how you can diagnose Leaky Gut Syndrome, what foods to avoid and what to eat. In this last article of the series, we will see how to cure leaky gut naturally.

In two of the articles on constipation and what foods to eat, we have already discussed two of the important steps in the fight against Leaky Gut Syndrome. We will not go into details but would reemphasize that following a healthy diet that consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and nuts etc., and staying away from processed foods is the key to defeat Leaky Gut Syndrome. You may occasionally digress but do not cheat regularly. Same is the case with constipation, do not take it lightly and try to use natural laxatives to deal with the problem.

Inflammation is one of the main causes for occurrence of Leaky Gut Syndrome and in its aggravation. It is caused by pathogens, bacteria, parasites, yeast and fungus. When the harmful pathogens increase in numbers, they tend to overwhelm the friendly bacteria. The situation needs to be reversed, if we are to cure Leaky Gut Syndrome. To reduce and ultimately eliminate inflammation, stick to the recommended diet. You may also use natural anti-pathogenic supplements. If you are still unable to deal with pathogens, maybe it is time to get the stool tested in a lab. A word of caution, you may experience worsening of the symptoms before you get better. It is called Herxheimer Reaction and shows that your treatment is working.

Digestive process is one of the victims of Leaky Gut Syndrome. Because of the damage to intestinal lining, the gut is unable to produce the digestive enzymes in required quantities. A common example of this is dairy intolerance which happens when the tips of Microville that produce the enzyme to digest milk sugar lactose are damaged. The system needs to be helped with enzyme supplements providing pancreatic, liver and digestive enzymes, as well as Hydrochloric Acid. In this regard, you can use any of the enzyme products in the market. The second step is to re-inoculate with friendly bacteria whose density has been reduced by harmful bacteria so as to aid body's natural ability to fight disease. This is done with probiotices and prebiotics. First are friendly bacteria and second is the food it needs to thrive. Again, go for quality products that have greater number of strains, as it increases the chances of finding a strain that works best for you. The number of friendly bacteria in the probiotic is not the deciding factor in this case.

Repairing the damaged intestines is the next step. It ensures that the tiny open doors through which harmful substances were flooding the system are closed and we throw the keys away. This would require the help of amino acids and digestive herbs. There are some excellent products available in the market and you can go for any one of these. One amino acid product is L-Glutamine that comes in powder form and is readily and quickly absorbed. As far as digestive herbs are concerned, you can try Clear 8 - Aminos and Herbs for Digestive Support.

When you recover from Leaky Gut Syndrome, it is not a lifelong clean bill of health. I have intentionally used the word 'when' in the first sentence because I sincerely believe that there is no chance of failure, if you follow the advice. Anyway, the disease can recur if you return to your old ways. Although it is beyond me to understand why would anyone give up a healthy way of life to one of suffering.

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