Friday, July 19, 2013

Moldable Hollister Stomas Flange Secures It Without A Leak

Moldable Hollister stomas flange has made it a bit easier for people with stoma to manage their situations. Especially if the case is life-long, anything that will make caring and protecting the stoma easier and simpler is a great help.

About Stoma Surgery

Stoma surgery was created and first done in the US in the late 70's. Every year now, it is estimated that around 75,000 Americans undergo the operation and millions of people all over the world have been cured from illnesses because of this procedure. Stoma surgery is being used to treat several illnesses which mostly include problems on the excretory and digestive systems. The three main types are; ileostomy for the treatment of ulcerative colitis, colostomy for anus or colon cancer and urostomy to treat problems in the excretory system. Among these types, urostomy has the least number of cases.

At pre-surgery, patients will have to do some important preparations. One is to have a couple of sessions with a psychologist. This has become a necessity, according to medical experts. The idea of having a hole in one's body to release body wastes can be traumatic to any patient - it definitely is life-changing which needs to be fully accepted. Another is the physical preparation where patients need to undergo exercises and diet so the body will be able to sustain major transformations.

During the surgery process doctors eliminate some parts of the body insides as part of treating the decease and then create a hole, a stoma, in the abdominal wall where part of the intestine can be connected to a pouch to collect body wastes.

The Stoma Pouch

At post-stoma surgery the stoma pouch will be the patient's constant companion. This is where body wastes will be collected and patients, including family members sometimes, will spend a great amount of time caring and maintaining cleanliness of the area. These pouches would have a flange that should always be attached securely to the skin to prevent any leakage. In the past, ring seals of the pouches need to be cut according to the size of the stoma. Due to constant developments in caring for stoma patients, flanges have been made to attach on the stoma securely without any measuring and cutting. They are made of elastic materials that moulds according to the shape and size of the stoma so there is more protection from leakage.

A stoma pouch needs to be changed regularly, especially if there is leakage. Even with a moldable Hollister stomas flange leakage is still possible when the backing is starting to wear off. Pouches should not be used for more than 7 days, shorter if the stoma is new, even without leakage. Gladly, many stoma patients are able to adjust and still enjoy life.

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