Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Colitis - Restore Health Through the Lymphatics

The Edgar Cayce readings have a unique perspective on spastic colitis that offers sufferers an action plan that provides both short- and long-term relief. They identify over forty cases of colitis in adults seeking help. Generally the condition is described in the readings as being a congestion in the colon, often preceded by a cold or case of intestinal flu. One reading offered this description of the problem: "Hence we have had a form of colitis that makes for a tendency of the poisons to accumulate in the colon, yet these again are effects of results of the disturbance that is the primary reaction. The result of these [is] to affect the lymph circulation disorder, the liver, or over-taxation or disorder of proper functioning of the kidneys." (404-2)

In a majority of Cayce's readings for individuals with colitis this same association with lymphatic disturbances surfaces. The colon becomes inflamed; the lymph fluid becomes toxic rather than cleansing. The involvement of the liver and kidneys further adds to the imbalance, setting in motion a physical decline due to poor assimilation of nutrients and thus an overall weakening of vital forces within the body. Colitis, therefore, lingers on for varying lengths of time in different individuals and can be quite debilitating.

Cayce's Approach

It cannot be stressed enough that during bouts with colitis, you should get plenty of rest. Your body's systems are being overtaxed and need to be given the time-and strength-to restore themselves.

Secondly, follow the Cayce alkalizing diet, avoiding sweets and meats, and being sure to get the nourishment that fresh fruits and vegetables offer. One reading specifically indicated pineapple as a good ingredient in the "colitis" diet. Although I have never suffered from colitis, I have personally included pineapple in my diet when experiencing intestinal upsets and found it to be extremely helpful in restoring balance.

Additionally, two herbs surface in Cayce's readings as being helpful to colitis sufferers: ginger and ginseng. If you are truly suffering from chronic colitis, it may well be worth the time to prepare one of Cayce's prescriptions yourself: ". . . make a good strong fusion of Wild Ginseng; not so strong as to be a tincture, to be sure, but: When the Wild Ginseng is well broken, put an ounce of this in Distilled Water and boil for at least twenty minutes, until it has produced a good fusion; not using the pulverized Ginseng, but broken up; using sufficient water to make two and one-half ounces of the fusion. Strain.

"Then, to the 2 1/2 ounces of the Fusion of Wild Ginseng, add-in the order named:

Tincture of Wild Ginger . . . 1/4 ounce,
Tincture of Valerian . . . 1/2 ounce,
Grain Alcohol (90% proof) . . . 1 ounce."

(2846-1) If you're not inclined to prepare your own tincture, I would try a quality ginger and ginseng tea which your health food store could recommend.

Finally, Cayce suggested an unusual poultice for lymphatic disturbances: the grape poultice. His instructions for such are as follows: " . . . apply over the whole abdomen, at least once a week, crushed grapes. These should be used with the hull and the seed. The pack should be at least one inch thick and let this remain on until it has almost dried out from the body heat, which would require four to four and one-half hours. Make this pack sufficiently large to cover the whole abdomen. Put the grapes on gauze." (5057-1) Although this reading does not specify the type of grapes, others do suggest Concord as preferable.

Here's to your good health!

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