Friday, June 21, 2013

Symptoms of Anemia and How to Resolve Them Naturally

Symptoms of anemia normally include a pale skin and gums, with fatigue. It's caused by the lack of haemoglobin in your blood. Haemoglobin carries oxygen around your body. So if you are anemic, you're not getting enough oxygen delivered to your tissues.

No wonder you have no energy.

The cause of anemia can be wide, such as after a considerable blood loss, a poor diet, exposure to toxins, taking medication as well as a lack of production, or destruction, of blood cells.

The most common way to treat the symptoms of anemia, almost without thinking, is to flood your system with an isolated and synthetic form of iron.

And in many cases, this does give you some relief, in the short run.

But it's not getting at the cause, it's only treating the effect. And isolated and synthetic minerals have their own problems.

If the anemia is from a substantial blood loss, this will come good in time, once your body has replaced the lost blood.

If the anemia is caused by a bad diet, then the obvious thing to do is to start eating proper, nutrient dense food. A super food, supplement such as blue green algae, will also speed up the deficiency.

If your anemia is as a result of toxins, then this needs to be treated by a professional homeopath. But if you also take a blue green algae, this can eliminate toxins from your body.

If the anemia is caused by a lack of production, or a destruction of your blood cells, no amount of iron will help you. This is an imbalance in your body and professional help should be sought.

If your anemia is as a result of taking medication, then a homeopath will be able to help you here.

Homeopathy is a wonderful way of rebalancing your troubled body, of restoring peace within. Your symptoms of anemia, will disappear forever.

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